April 18, 2024

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Alexis Tsipras / He threw the “boot” in Corfu – see photos

Alexis Tsipras / He threw the “boot” in Corfu – see photos

The leader of SYRIZA-PS spends the Easter holidays in the Ionian island

SYRIZA-PS leader Alexis Tsipras chose Corfu Island to spend the Easter holidays with his family.

The Corfu Above all, it is a very popular place for Easter because it is also famous for its various customs during the Easter holidays. Among them is the custom of Bodits, in which they throw jugs from balconies and break them.

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He did the same this morning Alexis TsiprasHe climbed a balcony and broke a jug himself.

Alexis Tsipras also uploaded a related snapshot on Twitter.

Mr. Tsipras arrived at Corfu Square a little earlier, where he had the opportunity to chat, take photos and exchange greetings with those present.

View photos:

Alexis Tsipras
Alexis Tsipras in Corfu
Alexis Tsipras in Corfu

The leader of SYRIZA-PS took part in the epitaph procession of Saint Spyridon, which according to tradition in Corfu takes place on Holy Saturday morning before the Resurrection.

Meanwhile, thousands of visitors and Corfu residents enjoyed the interesting and noisy custom of breaking boots at 11:00.

The tolling of the bell gave the signal after the first resurrection. Countless jugs of water fell noisily from windows and balconies.

The jugs were mainly painted red, but decorated with representations. The windows of the houses were decorated with red flags, a custom that added pride to the day.

Immediately, the city’s philharmonics created a festive atmosphere with joyous parades.

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By the time the boots broke in the heart of the old town, Mastela’s custom was revived.

The custom from ancient times is symbolic in nature. It sends a message of support to those in need, because the barrel-drenched are the porters of the city. From Holy Monday, a wooden barrel decorated with laurels and filled with water is kept. Devotees throw coins and offer greetings. With the first resurrection, whoever is immersed in it will receive money.