December 3, 2022

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Alexis Tsipras / I say a government of conquerors – I promise to uproot the thief trees

Yes, in a government that cooperates with the country’s progressive forces – Alexis Tsipras’ interview on ANT1

Simple proportional elections will be held The country’s first truly democratic election underlined The leader of SYRIZA-PS is Alexis Tsipras, during his interview with ANT1 and journalists Giorgos Papadakis and Maria Anastasopoulou. He made it clear that he was not demanding a government of losers, but one First the government of the winners with SYRIZA, to say “Yes” to a government that cooperates with progressive forces of place.

He pointed out that “for the first time elections with a fair electoral system will not create a stalemate, but rather make the Greek people think differently.” “This is a huge opportunity with simple analog For the first time there was a major democratic change in place” stressed Al. Tsipras, noting that the country has a government that 50% of the population legitimizes uncertainty and instability. “Self-sufficient governments have bankrupted us” He meaningfully said that single-party and autocratic governments lead to arrogance with seat bonuses. “He is the only chance to become prime minister again Mitsotakis Must manage to cooperate with him Velopuloto bring one Model of Italy with extreme right in government. He already has a piece in his party,” said the head of SYRIZA-PS.

“I do not say a government of losers, I say a government of winners” Underlined. “A condition for political change, practically and morally, SYRIZA must be the first party and by as large a margin as possible “We need to form a government that cooperates with progressive forces,” he said.

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“I vowed to uproot the lemon trees”

Alexis Tsipras pointed to Syriza, referring to the program he announced at TIF and the question of spending. He is not looking for the remaining trees but is determined to uproot the trees. At the same time, he said that Kyriakos Mitsotakis has unfairly distributed 50 billion and citizens are wondering where this money went. If I have to distribute 50 billion instead of collecting 37, I will be PM until I get bored. he said characteristically.

Referring to the precision crisis and the energy crisis, the leader of SYRIZA-PS stressed that, unfortunately, 4 years after the country’s exit from the memoirs, we are again facing great difficulties. “If we had not controlled the debt and let the fiscal allocation go, the country would have been drowned today”he said.

As mentioned, we have Inflation is running at 11.4%, which has “crushed families and businesses”.The structural problems of the Greek economy without a strong primary sector and manufacturing, a complex production model and a Unique Energy Inflation in Europe 62%. Fig. 7 out of 10 households are unable to pay for electricity, reducing consumption of basic goods. “The government’s responsibility in dealing with the crisis is clear” He noted that “Here’s the BBC’s Profit and Premium Model for Privatization” when “There is a wave of nationalization of energy companies across Europe”.

Al. Tsipras noted that inequalities in our country continued to decrease from 2015 to 2019, and have risen since then.
“In Mitsotakis’s Greece, the rich get richer, the middle class poorer and the poor desperate.” Underlined.

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“Mitsotakis is the first person to disbelieve polls”

He commented on a question related to opinion polls “Mitsotakis is the first person in the country to disbelieve the polls, 8, 10, 15, 20 units were there before, why is there no election to defeat them and clean them up? Or do we want to believe that the person ordered to monitor his political opponents has corporate responsibility and respects institutions?” “At some point there will be a judgment hour for all of us, parties and polling agencies, because the world will judge and compare,” he said. Citizens could not understand, it was urgent to prove to us That’s it A major corruption of our democracy and surveillanceIt saves and it must be proven that no one in Greek society cares Soon after Androlakis reported the scandal, it began to sink in that the abuser wins and the victim loses.».

“Erdogan has the entire Greek people against him”

About that National Issues and Challenges of Turkey, al. He stressed the need for calm and determination. At the same time, he said, it is good for everyone to know that we are all united when there is a threat to national sovereignty and our sovereignty. “Erdogan is not a weak and outgoing prime minister in front of him, but the entire Greek people” he said. However, he noted, yes, there are tensions with neighboring countries, but SYRIZA-PS’s criticism of the dangerous foreign policy pursued by the ND government will not stopOruch Reis cites as examples the Turkish-Libyan memorandum, which delivered without interruption, the agreement to provide the United States with bases indefinitely and without compensation.

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The government knew what was happening in the student hostels for 3 years

Finally, on the question of events at the Polytechnic University, Al. Tsipras noted that it is the duty of the police to intervene if crime occurs anywhere in the country, including on university campuses. However, he insisted on this The responsible minister Takis Theodorikakos admitted that the government has been aware of the situation in the student housing for 3 years. And the police did not intervene. “No Apology” He pointed out that the Ministry of Education is responsible for student residences.

said the leader of SYRIZA-PS We must not denigrate the public university any longerHe reiterated that nowhere in Europe does it exist University Police. “Let’s send college cops to police crime in the neighborhood and carry guns,” he said.