April 18, 2024

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amazing! Show the winning clip! They won first immunity!

amazing!  Show the winning clip!  They won first immunity!

Survivor Spoiler 2/17: Where did we expect it and where did it come from? Survivor spoiler. It is important that it may have become known who The team wins first immunity In a survival game sky. Celebrities or fighters?

With my little hand I predicted any team I expect him to win at least two immunity In the seventh week. The score is 14-10 for the celebrities. But it was the fighters who received three consecutive immunities.

Will they go for fourth place? What will happen on Sunday? Survivor 2024; Danae made her predictions about Which team has the advantage to get first immunity on Survivor. Likely to happen, it seems.

The released trailer showed it Stavroula Chrysaidi holds an immunity totem. This is what our screens showed. Regardless of whether they later get it back, it still looms as a talking point between the two teams. trick to Watch tv; Because you don't say this by chance… although we have seen mistakes many times.

It's not just that. the Mosques He doesn't seem to be playing. In the wet element, the blues work well. It cannot be ruled out Fighters who won first immunity And they go to the council victorious.

Although it has been released, we will also be contacting our man in Santo Domingo to confirm which will not take long.

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Survivor Spoiler 2/17: Listen to what happened below

Trailer for Sunday's episode