April 19, 2024

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An unprecedented departure in the history of reality

An unprecedented departure in the history of reality

There was an intense episode ahead of Survivor on Tuesday, both in the immunity contest and the island council that followed.

A tense atmosphere prevails between Blue and Red, with several altercations taking place between the competitors, and in yesterday's episode, the two players almost fought.

The reason is theirs Fanny Polizzi And Christopher Taxidis, They came in fours and exchanged heavy words, with their teammates trying to calm them down.

This heated incident occurred shortly after the end of the flag race in favor of the Blues, with Christoforos saying to Vanis: “You're an idiot.”

Shortly after, the two teams were moved to the Island Council with the Reds called for a vote, after losing the immunity match. So we had another fight but also An Unprecedented Incident starring Asimena Hatziandrio. She got into a heated argument with James and Fanny, who accused her of insulting them.

So when it came time to vote, He dropped the microphone and walked out of the chamberEveryone was left speechless and abstained from voting. As Giorgos Lianos reported, While she was asked to participate in voting, even by postal vote, she refused.

Of course, nothing like this has ever happened before in reality, as even if a player is absent from the council, he participates in voting by postal vote.

With regard to nomination, The second candidate to leave is Ira. So the Reds player will face Ioana.