April 24, 2024

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An unrecognizable Megan Fox talks about the many plastic surgeries she's had: 'I wanted the biggest breasts I could have'

An unrecognizable Megan Fox talks about the many plastic surgeries she's had: 'I wanted the biggest breasts I could have'

Megan Fox has finally broken her silence about the many different plastic surgeries she has undergone and revealed her other plans to “tea” them.

For years, the 37-year-old Transformers star has been confusing fans with her ever-changing appearance, but has remained silent as rumors spread.

In particular, her very different look at the Super Bowl after-party last month led to a flurry of speculation on social media about what she's been up to lately, with plastic surgeons believing she had a nose job and a brow lift, while he also had fillers on her Cheeks.

What “triggered” Megan Fox on her?

Now, the mother-of-three has decided to come clean about the plastic surgery she's undergone, including a $30,000 cost for the biggest breast implants that could fit on my body.

Megan Fox has denied rumors of other procedures, confirming that she will never remove fat from her body because she is too thin, while revealing what she wants to do with herself in the future.

Although she admitted she loved the results of surgery and wanted to be seen as a “circus freak”, she admitted to avoiding many common procedures because she feared she would die from general anesthesia.

Speaking on Call Her Daddy, she revealed what she did to her face, including fillers and Botox but no facelifts or threads, which is a non-surgical procedure designed to lift sagging skin and stimulate collagen production.

She explained: “I have never had a lift of any kind, nor have I done a side brow lift, even though I love it! I have never even done a regular brow lift, nor have I ever done a thread before. Not because of any ethical element, I “I just don't think it works and I'm also afraid it will look too much when I need a facelift.”

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“I tend to go get my eyebrows done all the way [πίσω]. I want that look. “It sounds fun and you can do it during your lunch break and I can see why it's so tempting,” she added.

Megan Fox denied rumors that she underwent liposuction (cheek slimming), explaining:

“I've never done this, and I'll never remove fat. I'm a very skinny person, and I don't have enough body fat or facial fat, so I'll just put fat on.”

“I would never remove fat, which would lead to me never having liposuction or body sculpting or anything like that.”

What did Megan Fox say about her full breasts?

Speaking about her large breasts on top of her slim body, Megan Fox said: “I've had fake breasts since I was 21 or 22. I had them made between Transformers I and II. But I did it conservatively.”

“I always wanted big breasts. I got them back after I finished breastfeeding my kids,” she added. “Then I had to get them back because I didn’t have enough body fat to hide them – you could see the ripples of the implants.”

Megan continued: “I don't like surgery, my body doesn't react well to general anesthesia, so when I go in for surgery, that's really important.”

“I said, 'Look, if you're going to make me sleep and nurse through two months of general anesthesia… I'd rather wake up with the biggest breasts my body can fit in.'

What would she like to change in her body?

Megan Fox then revealed that she would like to have a bigger butt, although that is not possible at the moment because she is skinny. When asked if she had undergone a Brazilian butt lift or transplant, she said: “If I could, I would. I don't have excess body fat. You're forever bruised. If so, if I would survive this surgery, You'll give me a k@@@ that's such an anomaly!” While she adds that she wants to be seen as a “circus freak.”

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Megan Fox was recently accused of being “xenophobic” as she tried to defend her shocking new look by likening herself to a “Ukrainian blow-up doll” in a photo. However, she then proudly claimed that it “actually” looked like a “real, ultra-precise silicone sex doll” from Japan.

Megan Fox previously admitted that she is very “insecure” about her appearance. “My hair is fine. Obviously my eye color is good. But I'm very short. Overall, I'm not very happy about the whole thing. I don't think I ever deserve anything. I have a sick feeling that I'm being made fun of all the time. I hate myself.”

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