April 24, 2024

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Anatolo Efes Alba Berlin 85-84 – Basketball

Anatolo Efes Alba Berlin 85-84 – Basketball

Anatolo Efes survived a heart attack!

The Turkish team won 85-84 Alba Berlin In Sinan Erdem, he remained alive for ten days 14-17thanks to the tapa he made Tyreek Jones to Martin HermanssonBefore the game clock strikes!

Along with Jones, he led the winners with 24 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists Elijah BryantWhile the midfielder scored 13 points in the final Will Claiborne. Alba scored 17 points Thomas and Luis Olende died.

The first half was completely balanced (23-23), but from the second onwards Effects He started… stepping on the gas and escaped with a lead of +13 (53-40) before the end of the first half, with playing from… Darius Thompson And Elijah Bryant.

In the second half, the difference reached its peak (55-40), before the difference reached its peak (55-40). Alba The team went on a 17-0 run, taking a 55-57 lead and ending the third period with a 65-67 lead.

In the fourth quarter, the Germans seemed capable of winning and led 79-81 immediately before the final match, but Will Claiborne He scored 5 consecutive points to make the score 85-81. But the Germans fell behind again by a point (85-84) and had the opportunity to win the match in the final attack. Tyreek Jones Cut it into pieces Martin Hermansson And secure her pink sheet Effects.

Quarters: 23-23, 53-40, 65-67, 85-84

Detailed match statistics here

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