April 13, 2024

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Anatolo Efes – Olympiacos 85-72: The streak stopped in Istanbul

Anatolo Efes – Olympiacos 85-72: The streak stopped in Istanbul

Anatolo Efes had trouble with Olympiacos, defeating them 85-72 in the 30th round of the Euroleague, reducing their lead towards the top four. The tenth place is occupied by the Turks, who played with stubbornness and determination.

The streak stopped at six wins. Olympiacos was defeated on Tuesday night (19/3) in Istanbul by Anadolu Efes (83-72), and four games before the end of the Euroleague regular season, it missed a great opportunity to jump into the top four, which provides home advantage. In the tournament qualifiers.

Piraeus advanced to 18-12 (11-4 at home and 7-7 away), with Mustafa Fall playing at… 110% of his strength, Alec Pieters scoring with economy, and with Thomas Walkup gritting his teeth again and organised, but also… With the defense not being at the ideal level in the stadium of a team that draws strength from its fans. Giorgos Barzoukas, who had strong complaints from referee Baena, was sent off 4'8″ before the final.

Anadolu Efes' score rose to 13-17 (11-4 at home and 2-13 away from home), which insists on tenth place and will engage in a major battle with Partizan, with Valencia, with Bayern Munich and with Armani Milano in order to win and participate. In playing in. Tibor Bliss and Shane Larkin laid the foundation, followed by Derek Woolis and Bryant Claiborne, for a fair, clean and very important win that helped Tomislav Mijatović's team survive.

Ο Best player

Timur Bliss had 9 points and 3 of 3 3-pointers in the opener, and Shane Larkin led the way for Anadolu Efes on a night in which Tomislav Mijatovic got plenty from several of his players.

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Nigel Williams-Goss and Shaquille McKissick did nothing for Olympiacos. The first was unprepared and out of rhythm, the second committed fouls and offensive fouls, and we're not even talking about Ignaz Brazdeikis who was 500 years old, played 3:57 fouling out, went out and never came back in the game.

The statistics that stood out

Anatolo Efes entered the match with 6/8 three-pointers, Olympiacos sent the first four shots from the perimeter on the iron. The Turks finished the period with four blocks, and Walkup finished it with four steals, but by the end of the first half, the home team's 10/14 long shots and last-minute points (10-2) had made the difference for the home team, which had been 4/13 in the second half, but they They built the lead and momentum to reach the final. 16-15 points in upsets (6-13 in the second half), 11-12 points from opponent fouls, 10-10 points from second chances.


With Walkup, Kanan, Brazdeikis, Peters, Fall, Barzoukas opened the game, with Tibor Bliss going on a 9-0 run in the second minute with 3/3 three-pointers and taking his first timeout four minutes later. The Turks, with Larkin's shot from the perimeter, led by 12 (22-10) in the seventh minute, but Olympiacos' defense improved and Walkup's steals led to a Peters 3-pointer to make it 24-18 and a corner pass to Vale in the net. The next stage is at the end of the period.

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Piraeus opened the second half with Williams-Goss, McKissick, Papanikolaou, Petrusev and Wright, and the tall American entered the match with two incredibly difficult shots and throws at 28-27 which tied the match. But not for long, as Olympiacos was stuck scoring, until Lorentzakis hit a 3-pointer from the middle and Williams-Goss hit another from a corner kick to make it 38-33 at the 16th minute. But once again, Anatolia got the ball rolling, was efficient and took the lead in the first half. By a large margin thanks to his amazing percentages from the perimeter (10/14 three-pointers).

Barzoukas opened the second half with Papanikolaou replacing Brazdeikis, but once again Anadolu Efes showed impressive efficiency and even his shots under pressure. Larkin made it 55-42 in the 23rd minute, Piraeus responded with a 0-7 run, Peters scored quickly, Cannan hit a 3-pointer to make it 62-61 in the 29th minute, and the game was over in just a few minutes and it was all signs. Against Olympiacos.

At that crucial point, near the end of the third period and the beginning of the fourth, Ephesus responded with an 8-0 run. It went to +9 again, with Kanaan scoring 73-66, but also with Bobois answering for his new team's double-digit lead. And somewhere there everything was decided, as Wright was charged with an attacking foul and Brzoka with a technical penalty at the same stage. Before he was ejected at 4.8 inches, not by second technical, but disqualified for protesting to referee Baena.

Rulers: Belošević, Nedović, Baena

Contracts: 26-21, 48-37, 66-61, 85-72

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Anantolo Efes (Mijatovic): Larkin 15 (1/2 2-pointers, 3/6 3-pointers, 4/5 steals, 6 assists, 4 turnovers), Buffoa 11 (4/6 2-pointers, 1/1 3-pointers, 2 rebounds, 2 assists) assists), Bryant 10 (4/4 2-pointers, 2/3 steals, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals), Claiborne 14 (3/6 2-pointers, 2/4 3-pointers, 2 shots, 2 rebounds), Thompson 3 (1/5 3-pointers, 3 assists), Bliss 9 (3/5 3-pointers), Ulak, Osmane 5 (1), Oturu 3 (5 rebounds), Willis 13 (2/4 2-pointers, 3/ 4 3-pointers), Jones 2

Olympic (Brzukas): Walkup 2 (10 assists, 4 steals, 1 foul), Williams-Goss 3 (0/3 2 pts, 1/2 treys), Wright 6 (3/3 2 treys, 4 turnovers), Canaan 11 (1/2 2 2-pointers, 3/5 3-pointers, 3 rebounds), Larentzakis 3 (1), Fall 14 (6/6 2-pointers, 2/4 shots, 3 rebounds), Papanikolaou 12 (3/4 2-pointers, 2/5 3-pointers, 5 rebounds, 6 assists), Brazdeikis, Peters 19 (2/6 2-pointers, 3/4 3-pointers, 6/6 shots, 5 rebounds), Petrusev 2, McKissick

Anatolo Efes team statistics: 17/28 2-pointers, 14/27 3-pointers, 9/12 steals, 26 rebounds (18 defensive – 8 offensive), 19 assists, 7 steals, 5 blocks, 12 turnovers, 17 fouls

Olympiacos team statistics: 15/27 2-pointers, 10/23 3-pointers, 12/14 steals, 26 rebounds (18 defensive – 8 offensive), 20 assists, 8 steals, 13 assists, 16 fouls

Next matches for both teams: In Round 31, Anatolo Efes will host Alba Berlin (21/3 at 19:30), while Olympiacos will play against Velerbane at the Peace and Friendship Stadium (21/3 at 21:15).