February 20, 2024

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Andreas Andreopoulos: “Things were difficult, I was suffering from disorders. The doctor gave me medicine…”

Andreas Andreopoulos: “Things were difficult, I was suffering from disorders. The doctor gave me medicine…”

Andreas Andreopoulos was welcomed by Nancy Zambitoglou and Thanasis Anagnostopoulos to “Studio 4”.

The well-known actor, who stood out among everyone with his role as Timos Drakos in the movie Lumpsey, explained how he entered the world of theater, how he moved to television, and what problems this caused him in drama school.

“Towards the end of high school, I turned to theatre. While I was good in the theory courses I found that the exams were a burden. Growing up with an actor father, I unwittingly got involved in the whole thing.”

“The first thing I did on TV when I was at school was in a series of independent episodes on ERT and I was amazed and flattered. Of course at school I had problems with it. The National was considerably more conservative. I also did a chewing gum advert “It caused quite a stir at school. What was happening was very obligatory and offensive. I had a teacher who said, ‘Hello, Fujiklakis.’ I got angry and left the room.”

Taking stock, he appreciates that there were times when he didn’t make the best choices in his career.

“I made mistakes. I chose things where the money was good and the professional result was less. I ignored the theater a little. I did not become rich, but I could choose roles in the theater that would make me better as an actor.”

“The shine was not a mistake. I did not know that it would be played for many years. Everyday life was annihilation, preservation. I disagreed with Master Foskolos and left. He told me that he had a nice story about me and he had another story and I did not like it and I spoke to him and said ‘Master I will not play this’.” “I didn’t want to go after my stepmother.”

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“Al-Lamsi gave me appreciation, money, and payment for the next steps, and deprived me of theatrical appearance.”

“There is still the institution of ‘they’re from TV’, ‘they’re from cinema’, ‘they’re from theatre’.

He also spoke frankly about the difficult period he lived through, from which he emerged victorious and overcame it with the help of medication and psychotherapy.

“There were difficult times. I was not at my best, and I had to seek help from an expert. I judged that I was not able to do many things in my daily life. It was a kind of depression.”

“Things were difficult. I was suffering from sleep, mood and behavioral disorders. With the help of the doctor who gave me medicine, the world opened up again.”

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