May 21, 2024

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Andreas Mikrotsikos and Ioana Malesko together a few hours before the big premiere!

Andreas Mikrotsikos and Ioana Malesko together a few hours before the big premiere!

TV Queen premieres tonight at 21:00 on OPEN. the ioana malescu, Welcomes us to the wonderful school and the first live broadcast begins with many twists and surprises!

the 17 Contestants They introduce themselves for the first time and announce that they are ready to claim the title of Tv Queen. They start from different starting points, but they definitely have the same destination: to excel and chase the dream of their career in television.

A “Tv Queen” must possess the talent, perception, immediacy, endurance, will and passion for development to achieve her goal and Large and desirable contract with Barking Well!

head teacher, andreas Microtsikos, But also renowned professionals in the field will be there to share their knowledge and provide the racers with all the supplies and support they will need, in order to move forward to their next steps with stability and success.

the teachers Elena Christopoulou, Thasos Tryphonos, Pantelis toutontzes And school counselor katrina gajacki, With their many years of experience, they take on a special and challenging role.

A few hours before the big premiere, we saw Andreas Mikrotsikos and Ioana Malesko sitting together and chatting!

“Don't catch me, don't catch me, raise your hands!” Andreas Mikrotsikos says in the video posted on social media.

“Aren't you the one who came on TV and insulted me?” He asks her with Ioana Maliskos answering: “What you are saying is not true. And I have not said a bad word yet. Come and tell me what we are going to do today? And Andreas Microtsikos, for his part, tells her: “I am open to any suggestion.”

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