April 19, 2024

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Anonymous collaboration with Giorgos Lanthimos

Anonymous collaboration with Giorgos Lanthimos

on set”Second night showIt was found on Monday night (03/18) H Stella GeorgiadouIn a rare television appearance.

The well-known singer spoke about her decision to leave Greece and settle permanently in Cyprus in 2011, about the Greek Philology degree at the Open University of Cyprus that she obtained only three years ago, but also about her collaboration with… George Lanthimos Which only a few know until today.

As Stella Georgiadou told Grigoris Arnautoglou, “George Lanthimos, before he became world famous, directed the video clip for the song.”He's talking to me nowWhich was a huge hit in the 90s, but then He did not sign with his name, but with numbers.

“Sometimes I say I'm a bit of a connoisseur and I use that as an example, because a lot of people who start out, do their first jobs with me, then do very well and I have to say that,” the singer said. In the beginning, I remembered the moments of cooperation between them.

“I remember from the videos that I went there and things were done very quickly, without any hassle, with a very simple background, it was a green square and I didn’t know what the outcome would be,” said Stella Georgiadou, who added that they have not communicated again since. “We shot it, nothing special, but he produced a video that had the coolness and the joy of it and all of that still looks very fresh today.”

To be honest, in the credits of the video for the song, there is no name Giorgos Lanthimos, but the word “two” next to the direction.

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