June 19, 2024

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Anthracite: The mystery series that topped Netflix in Greece

Anthracite: The mystery series that topped Netflix in Greece

A new French series was recently released Netflix She managed to conquer the top and pass popular series such as 3 Body problem And GentlemenWhich did not fall from the first positions of the service.

However, Netflix added new content to its platform which changed the top 10 charts very quickly Anthracite (Anthracite), the new French series that we told you about above, to go to 1the position. Anthracite is about four people trying to solve a ritual murder in the French Alps.

in 2the A situation we meet Scammerswhich was also recently released with 3 Body Problems, Messrs. and Flight 601 hijacking To close the top five.

On the sixththe The position in the charts in Greece is occupied by RipleyAs we told you recently Frame rate Proposal of the month is likely to be served, while the top ten has been closed You have awakened a vampire, Parasite: Gray, Dexter And Heart breaking high.

These are the most popular Netflix series in Greece:

  1. Anthracite
  2. Scammers
  3. 3 Body problem
  4. Gentlemen
  5. Flight 601 hijacking
  6. Ripley
  7. You have awakened a vampire
  8. Parasite: grey
  9. Aimen
  10. Heart breaking high

A few words about anthracite:

The series revolves around an old case that opens when a reporter disappears, leading his daughter to a small town haunted by cults, secrecy, and death.

It is a 6-episode mystery series starring Camille Lew, Noémie Schmidt, Jean-Marc Barr, Kad Murad, Stefano Cassetti and others.