April 18, 2024

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Antonis Kanakis to gay couples: In the country we live in, circuses were inevitable

Antonis Kanakis to gay couples: In the country we live in, circuses were inevitable

the Antonis Kanakis And his teamFalse rumour“This week it returned with force to the television receivers, and as expected, they could not leave without attention the much-discussed topic these days, which is nothing but a bill. Same-sex couples.

“At No. 12 (in the show's videos) the madness begins. Same-sex couples have been pulling the trigger for many years, and what they're doing now is probably even worse. As expected, In the country we live in, circuses were inevitableAntonis Kanakis said at first.

He added: “The political circus, the religious circus, the media circus, the social circus… have truly become a waste of time.” zappit.gr.

“In Greece, this is wonderful, perhaps due to our geographical location but also to our culture… We are permanently divided as a people. Half of us belong to Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey and the other half belong to France, Germany, London and America. We are there and this thing inside us is fighting, These two cultures are fighting, there is killing. We don't really know who we are, it's a massacre,” Antonis Kanakis commented afterwards.

“What is being said and what is being heard now…from the perspective of the political leadership needs a lesson, for an issue that in 2024 all countries of the Western world dealt with in one way or another. … On the other hand, the Holy Synod issued a statement today…For what reason I cannot understand.

We have fallen from the clouds and they do not agree to the wedding… and we are waiting for them to grant their wish. I do not remember that there was ever a Holy Synod for all these global phenomena of abuse of minors in the Bay of Churches,” Antonis Kanakis concluded in his comment on the much-discussed draft law.

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