July 14, 2024

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Apple may allow you to use Face ID with a mask in the next iOS update

Apple may allow you to use Face ID with a mask in the next iOS update

Apple seems to be testing a feature that allows you to use Face ID to unlock your mobile, even when wearing a mask. The first developer beta for iOS 15.4 had a screen asking if you would like to use Face ID while wearing the mask, at low security cost. Brandon Butch on Twitter And Macromers.

According to the images on the screen, Apple says it can “recognize unique features around the iPhone’s eye area”, but warns that it’s more accurate if you set Face ID to not work with the mask.

When the epidemic drags on, people (and companies) New York City is like the MTA) Have been yelling at Apple to add a way to allow people to unlock iPhones while wearing masks. Apple has introduced various updates – iOS 13.5 Find out if you are wearing a mask and ask for your passcode quickly Instead of trying to recognize your face, and 14.5 Allow those with Apple watches to use Face ID When wearing the mask. (As long as it’s close to your Apple Watch phone, it appears to be open to anyone wearing a mask.) However, for those who do not have an Apple Watch, this functionality may finally be on the horizon, which proves to be safe enough.

Apple did not respond immediately On the edgeRequest for feedback on the feature.

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