June 23, 2024

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Apple will allow iPhones to be repaired using used parts – iPhone

Apple will allow iPhones to be repaired using used parts – iPhone

This is a big change, of course, as for the first time the technology giant will accept the use of original used parts.

Apple has finally decided to make it easier for iPhone owners to repair them with used parts. The company announced that starting in the fall of 2024, it will be available to owners of “select” iPhone models. They will be able to repair their mobile phones using original spare partsand keep their devices fully functional.

When an Apple mobile phone needs repair, the company forces iPhone users to undergo a parts matching process, in which the device's serial number is irrevocably linked to a new part, sold by Apple itself. If the user chooses to replace part of the device with a used or third-party part, the phone will start displaying annoying notifications on the screen, informing the owner that Apple is unable to certify the newly installed part. In the case of the Face ID and Touch ID sensors, in fact, there was a case that the new part did not even work.

This change will also logically mean the end of specific notifications for used parts, as Apple states that “setup of original parts, new or used, will be performed on the device, after the new component is installed.” This means that users and service shops will no longer need to submit the serial number of the device they are repairing when ordering most parts from a self-service repair shop.

This change will include screens, batteries and cameras in the first phase. Apple says that “future” iPhone versions will also support the integration of biometric sensors used, such as Face ID and Touch ID.

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Meanwhile, Apple is taking tracking used iPhone parts more seriously. The company announced that it will expand its Activation Lock feature, which theoretically prevents thieves from using a lost or stolen device to turn it into a spare. “If the device being repaired detects that a supported part came from another device that has Activation Lock or Lost Mode enabled, the ability to configure that part will be limited,” Apple says.

If your iPhone was repaired with a used part, the device stores that information in the Parts and Service History section of the Settings app in iOS. Apple did not specify which iPhone models will be supported this fall, but in statements to TechCrunch, the company announced that it will concern iPhone 15 models and later.

Although Apple has not yet extended its approval for spare parts from other companies, the change that has already occurred is of great importance for service stores as well as users who want to try their hand and were forced to pay higher amounts in order to purchase new parts for their devices.

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