May 18, 2024

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Apple’s new patent that will amaze you and change data in cars

Apple’s new patent that will amaze you and change data in cars

Apple is not only developing its own car, but also the advanced technology it will bring.

her job Autonomous driving It is one of the biggest challenges facing automobile manufacturers. Until now, We are about halfway through the development of this technology We need that much more to see vehicles driving autonomously on the roads.

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currently, Self-driving laws vary from country to country, with the United States. The state of California in particular is witnessing a state of turmoil. do not forget to Teslaone of the most committed companies ever To turn the “dream” of autonomous driving into realityAnd its headquarters are there.

But regardless of whether the goals are achieved, The interior of the car will receive major changes. At first, it will look like a living room, and of course it will have many new technologies to entertain passengers. One of them is that of Apple which will be integrated into the windshield of the car.

Augmented reality driving 2

The goal of the IT department is To develop augmented reality to the maximum extent. This is confirmed by the patent I recently filed appleThe idea is really promising but it also faces some major problems.

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As patent documents state, The team’s intention is to project VR designs/images onto windshields. Some consider this not a problem. But we must remind them that we are talking about a car, not a video game.

Augmented reality driving 3

the Augmented reality features There will be many and one of them has a radar that shows the current speed of the vehicle relative to the limit set by law.

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It sounds simple, but it is very difficult to implement. This is because Drivers are of different heights and will therefore see the information in different places on the windshieldWhich leads to doubts about how to determine the exact projection position of these elements.

Augmented reality driving 5

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Data viewing angles Varies according to driver characteristicsAnd also with the car and the image shown at that moment. However, the people responsible for this project have been working on this idea for several years and we will definitely hear from them in the near future.