April 19, 2024

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Arbitrary Bill – Rapid Demolitions Are Coming – Newsbomb – News

Arbitrary Bill – Rapid Demolitions Are Coming – Newsbomb – News

Rapid demolitions of new illegal immigrants in just 43 days, as draft law of the Ministry of the Environment stipulates – in the “battle” against illegals, drones will be used as well as an electronic platform to identify violators

Fast-track raids to arbitrarily Which have been built in recent months in addition to strict controls with advanced technological means are some of the visions of the new draft law of the Ministry of Environment which will be put forward for consultation immediately. The goal is to put an end to the construction of new informal buildings.

According to the report aired on Alpha's evening news, Attempting to park the building without a permit especially in areas where until now it was possible for someone to build one arbitrarily and then legalize it by paying the corresponding fine.

What does the bill offer?

The new draft law stipulates demolition operations within 43 days of identifying the building. In the event of appeal, the trial will take place after 5 months, while today the corresponding procedure requires up to 10 years.

Ministry It publishes satellite and drone images, As the data is uploaded to a digital platform, it will be linked to the electronic licensing system. This way, crossing will be quick and violators will be detected. side by side There will also be regular survey of islands and critical areas To detect structural differences.

As stated in the Alpha report, the model applied to combat illegal construction in Mykonos is being expanded throughout the country. Inspections will be carried out by Ministry of Environment inspectors, while responsibility for demolition will be transferred to the Ministry of Infrastructure.

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Watch the video from Alpha's main news bulletin:

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