June 23, 2024

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Arcane Season 2: The poster released by Netflix has shocked fans

Arcane Season 2: The poster released by Netflix has shocked fans

In January, we got our first sneak peek via a teaser and now Netflix The first poster of the much-awaited film has been released Season 2 of ARCANE: League of Legendsfrom the series that won the admiration of audiences and critics in 2021 when it well-deserved the title “Diamond”.

We are about 5 months away from the premiere of the second round which will take place in November – although we still do not know exactly what day – and the poster has “shook” fans of the League of Legends universe due to the epic and wonderful Easter egg planted by the talented Fortech Studio. As you’ll see below in the Season 2 poster, Jinx holds a frightened Vi tightly in her arms and accompanies a caption “Nothing stays dead forever“.

This is the new official teaser poster for Season 2 of ACANNE:

But the Easter egg hidden in the Season 2 poster is that it mirrors the corresponding poster for Season 1, where the roles were reversed and Vi was holding Jinx in her arms. This alone sparks the dynamic of this exciting relationship between them.

Riot Games CEO Niccolo Laurent said a while ago that if they had known how successful Arcane’s first season was, they would have started production on season 2 earlier. “The bad thing is that we honestly didn’t know if the first season was going to be successful or not. So we didn’t even start the second season… If I had known, we would have started the second season a lot earlier. But we didn’t know, so we waited a little bit, and now We are paying the price in some way.”

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We don’t know much about season 2 other than that Hailee Steinfeld, Ella Purnell And Katie Long In the roles of Vi, Jinx, and Caitlyn, respectively. The one-hour season managed to be in the top 10 shows on Netflix in 52 countries – including Greece, where it received 100% rave reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, while here at Unboxholics it was our top favorite, as it was called. Best series of 2021.

2the Arcane season will premiere on Netflix November 2024 We look forward to the premiere date soon. Below you’ll find the first teaser released last January.