July 14, 2024

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Aris: Two games in the entire cup mission – Football – Super League Stoekesmann

Aris: Two games in the entire cup mission – Football – Super League Stoekesmann

Aris was severely punished due to the management’s decision not to accept the medals during the trophy presentation after the final match with Panathinaikos.

The EPO Disciplinary Committee imposed Two-match penalty for all members of the team delegation who were present at the match, For football players, technical staff, etc.

This means that for some footballers the number of penalties will be higher.

And so on, Suleimanov’s five-match ban becomes seven, Zul’s two-match ban increases to four, Darida’s one-match ban…three.

Players who were on the squad and will not be eligible to play in the first two games of the season are: Cuesta, Odobazo, Fabiano, Brambitz, Montoya, Manu Garcia, Zamora, Moron, Rose, Panagidis, Velez, Agorastos, Ferrari and Fetfatzidis.s, while Verstrate, Houtesiotis and Ansarifard, who left, must also serve this sentence.

Todos Karipidis has already been banned from entering stadiums and changing rooms for 20 days and fined €10,000.

We must point out that Mars He has the right to appeal this ruling in the hope of reducing the sentence.

The team representatives also stated in their apology that they were not invited “to attend” the medal presentation, an argument that the committee did not accept.

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