June 19, 2024

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Armenia and Azerbaijan have begun to draw their common borders

Armenia and Azerbaijan have begun to draw their common borders

Armenia and Azerbaijan announced today that they have begun demarcating their common border, a major step for these two Caucasus countries that are already locked in wars over regional issues.

The Azerbaijani Ministry of the Interior said in a statement that groups of experts are beginning to “clarify the coordinates on the basis of a geodetic study,” while the Armenian Ministry of the Interior, which confirmed the “demarcation work” of the border, ruled out “the transfer of any part” of Armenia’s sovereign territory” in Baku as part from this process.

Last month, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan accepted Baku's request to return four border villages captured by Yerevan forces during the 1990s war.

The decision sparked protests by hundreds of Armenians in an area on the border with Azerbaijan, who fear that they will be isolated and that some of their homes will be subject to Baku’s control.

Yesterday, Monday, Armenian protesters closed the road linking Armenia to Georgia. They also tried to prevent mine clearance operations.

New protests broke out in Armenia today, especially near Lake Sevan and the city of Nogibryan.

Last week, the two rival countries indicated their intention to demarcate their borders based on maps dating back to the Soviet era.

Pashinyan stressed the need to resolve border disputes “to avoid a new war” with Azerbaijan.

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