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Arrest and relationship with Manos Daskalakis

Arrest and relationship with Manos Daskalakis

Following his arrest, Rola Bisbrigo appeared on the fourth day of mixed jury trial.

What follows is his arrest for Georgina's murder Rula Bisbrigo recounted when she apologized on the fourth day. Defendant argued that before the joint jury He was tortured by the police in an attempt to confess his guilt And accuse Manos Daskalakis of giving her the ketamine. Her apology ended in the afternoon when questions from the seat began.

“What happened to Georgina led to the prosecution of the other two children. Neither I nor anyone else got suspicious, the case was filed and no one bothered us. How is it possible for everyone to become a Pythia? Some things just don't add up All this seems to serve some purpose, which I do not know. All the public opinion carried with it, and this anger came from no one knowing how we raised me, my husband at the time, my family, and our children. He said among other things.

Chairman: How did you experience the loss of the children and how did you grieve as a mother?

Defendant: It's easy to judge someone, but if you haven't walked in their shoes, you can't speak. Malena's illness was sudden… In everyday life I was the living dead, but behind me was a child with needs. I had to find the strength, I just couldn't feel it. It's unimaginable, very short … I took out black later, I wanted to wear white and pink, my children's favorite colors, I consider black hypocritical. I was mad at Iris… because I told us. In both losses, Georgina was behind the drive to get up and move on. I didn't have time to go to a psychologist about Iris's death, time was short. I was so stressed that I wanted to disappear from everyone. I was suffocating… Manus's grunts, the loss of Iris, and a family that could see me lose myself was over my head.

Chairman: How did you grieve after Georgina's death?

Defendant: So far I'm enjoying it. Psychologically bad. Advertising was good to me and it occupied my mind. I went to a psychiatrist, I took pills, I couldn't sleep. I had sex with Mano to get tired and sleepy.

Complaints about beatings

said Roula Pispirigou The police used all means to accept the murder of her child, she never did. However, he said he never filed a complaint against the police as his lawyer then told him not to press charges as it would not work.

“The policeman said to me, 'I don't understand what brought you there. The child was sick, and I understand that you wanted to save him. Let's say Taskalakis father was given ketamine because of the atomic bomb. You will eat ten years for going to rescue the child out of compassion. I said, 'What are you talking about? I don't know. I want my lawyer.' “Everyone believes you killed Georgina, tell them to finish about Taskalaki,” he said, “I don't know about Ketamine, I can't say anything because I didn't do anything. I didn't do anything, what position do I lighten up?'. The policeman says to me 'look me in the eye'. Did you kill Georgina?' 'No' I told him. It started bothering me…in the head…everywhere. I never spoke. 'Stand up,' he said, hitting his stomach, 'Tell me to finish, tell me about Tuskalaki.' I said: 'I didn't sign, I don't know anything. Why are you blaming me?'

Against journalists

In his detailed explanation, if the accused defame nurses and doctors, in 2022 Health Minister K. He also condemned the meddling of Pleuris.

Also, He also mentioned journalists who covered the case before his arrestsaying: “Journalism is a profession. They have to do their job, but there are limits, especially when we talk about children and children, about the calvary of a family. We tried to set limits, but we couldn't hold it, it got away from us. This whole sympathetic atmosphere is about children for fathers. We can't understand why it turned into a mother who kills. It's stupid… you have to be mentally ill to make such a motive without evidence. I'm angry because I was alone in the ward with my child and all this was happening. Where would I be?” he said characteristically.

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Tuskalakis, Buffon and Barrios

Concluding his statement, the President of the Court asked the first questions: “I would first like to spend some time talking about you, your childhood, and the changes in your family environment.”

The defendant referred to his childhood, his parents' divorce, and his career. Later, Manos talked about Taskalakis, describing a spoiled man with demands that she – who held the house's finances – tried to satisfy. “He was a goalkeeper and he thought he was Buffon. We got him special gloves. He wanted an iPhone, a motorcycle, and I found a way to get them so he wouldn't hurt us. Then the song started. We started microphones, headphones, guitars, consoles. Suddenly Paris has become!' Among other things, he mentions all the problems in their relationship.