May 28, 2024

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Ataman: “We lost the derby because of our stupid mistakes, and Olympiacos did not win it – we will see if we can enter the market”

Ataman: “We lost the derby because of our stupid mistakes, and Olympiacos did not win it – we will see if we can enter the market”

After Ergin Ataman said that Panathinaikos controlled the match for 35 minutes, but in the end he was not satisfied with the performance of some players, he sounded the alarm, while leaving the door open to the possibility of the “Greens” entering the market.

Chimaros was his coach Panathenaiko After the fight ended with Marosi. “The Greens” They won easily, 82-71 Speaking about the match, he said that “We dominated until the last 5-6 minutes of the match. But I am not satisfied with the levels of concentration and behavior at the end from many players in the team. This mentality is dangerous and decisions will be made starting tomorrow. We spoke in the dressing room and the hard work will start the next day.” Before the match against Bayern Munich.

He continued: “We are a new team and I give equal importance to all matches. We should not underestimate any opponent. These matches give us time and space to work for the next matches. Everyone thought it would be an easy match. We gave time to Samotorov who played well. But except for 1-2 players, “I was not satisfied with the personal performance of some people. It is not necessary to mention names, but this mentality is dangerous. They must enter the matches stronger mentally.”

As mentioned the previous match with Olympic saying that “We did not lose because Olympiacos played better, but we lost because we made stupid mistakes in the last quarter.” While he also mentioned his only 6-minute post Kostas Sloukas: “Our doctors advised him not to play as much as he did because he had a problem with his calf and needed to rest. Like Juancho he was ruled out because he had a problem with Olympiacos and needed to rest. But we have a big roster.”

As for the possibility of the team going to the market? “We expect to see the team when Papapetrou and Mitoglou return. We saw that with a full roster, we played well in the tournament. We will see after the next few matches. If necessary, we will go to the market, and we may make additions or changes. If we understand that something is wrong, We will fix it because we are a team with high goals.”

He concluded whether he was a match for her Bayern Must win: “Every game has to be won. We lost the first game at home in overtime, but we still have a lot of games to play. For all Euroleague teams, games have to be won.”