June 25, 2024

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Atlanta Shooting: This is the Shooter – Manhunt for His Arrest

Atlanta Shooting: This is the Shooter – Manhunt for His Arrest

The suspect has a military file and was formerly in the Coast Guard.

Police have revealed the identity of the man they consider to be the prime suspect in the deadly attack on an Atlanta medical center.

According to the police, 24-year-old Deon Patterson is considered the prime suspect in the shooting, as the police released his photo.

according to the suspect CNN He has a military background and was formerly a member of the Coast Guard. According to a Coast Guard announcement, Dion Patterson joined the Corps “in July 2018 and most recently served as an Electrician’s Mate 2nd Class. He was removed from active duty in January 2023.”

Atlanta police have launched a manhunt to identify the perpetrator of the deadly attack on a medical center in the US capital, warning residents that the wanted man is “armed and dangerous”.

The attack resulted in the death of one person and the wounding of four others when a gunman opened fire on a medical center located in a busy commercial area in Atlanta.

Police said the gunman opened fire in the medical center’s 11th floor waiting room, and all five people were women.

Four photos of the suspect have been released

Authorities released four photos of the suspect. In it, the gunman appears, with a mask on his face, and carrying a brown backpack. In fact, a reward of $10,000 is being awarded to anyone who provides any information that would help in the identification and arrest of the 24-year-old.

According to Atlanta Police Department spokesperson Chatta Spikes, the man was at the medical center for an appointment. At some point he got worried and started shooting.

The suspect’s mother had accompanied him to the medical center and was cooperating with the police, while she was not among the injured.

Four injured people were taken to Grady Memorial Hospital. Dr. Robert Jansen said in a press conference that three of them are in critical condition and underwent surgery earlier.

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens advised residents in the area where the attack took place to remain vigil until the police operation to locate and arrest the suspect is complete.

About an hour after the shooting at the medical center, members of the elite SWAT police force deployed near the Art Museum (at a distance of 1.2 kilometers from the site of the attack), according to videos broadcast by US television networks.

stole a car

According to Atlanta Police Department Chief Darren Scherbaum, after the shooting, the shooter stole a car not far from the medical center and left the scene.

“We believe he left the area,” he added, indicating that it is possible that the perpetrator did not have the stolen car back with him, while a search is underway for the weapon used by the perpetrator, he said.

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