July 14, 2024

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Attention: Why don’t you put ten or ten euros in the fuel?

Attention: Why don’t you put ten or ten euros in the fuel?

Car tracking has now become a real nightmare for all of us. But there is a very serious reason why we cannot leave the tank with small amounts of fuel for a long time.

The proliferation of cars with hybrid systems highlights a situation that many drivers are unaware of. That is, gasoline “ages” if it remains in the tank for a long time. Something that can easily be done in hybrid cars, which can run for a long time on electricity alone.

The problem concerns not only modern plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), but also the rest of conventional cars, which remain idle for some time. The obsolescence of gasoline is nothing new, and has been a problem since the invention of the internal combustion engine.

Gasoline ages very quickly in the tank and loses ignition quality during a cold start. But to what extent can a person leave his tank with the amount already in place without replenishing it?

What we need to know is that gasoline is a product with a limited life. Its aging begins as soon as it leaves the refinery. Experts claim that it is in good condition without losing quality from three months to a year.

Factors that affect the aging of a vehicle are the extent to which it is exposed to light, air, and fluctuations in fuel. For example, gasoline ages faster in an open container than in a closed container. The gas tank is average condition. What matters is the amount of air, that is, the amount of gasoline in the tank.

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If there is enough air, The volatile components of gasoline that are important for cold ignition gradually escape from the tankWhich makes it heavier with lower ignition quality.

Another process that occurs during long-term storage of gasoline is oxidation. Unsaturated fuel compounds, such as olefins, react with oxygen in the air to form various acids But also fuel-insoluble polymers. This “sludge” that forms can clog the pumps or even the injectors, creating a problem with the engine.

Therefore, the more air in the tank, the greater the risk of oxidation. This means that driving a PHEV with a nearly empty gas tank – that is, with significant fuel air contact – for an extended period of time significantly increases gas aging and the problems that arise from it.

So, if you drive a hybrid car that uses electricity on a regular basis, It is best to always keep the tank full to keep air out of the gas. It is an indisputable fact that gasoline in a full tank is much slower than in an empty tank.

Diesel “ages” faster than gasoline. Even if tightly sealed, diesel “ages” and loses ignition power after six months.

In long storage a situation occurs in which bacteria and Diesel-producing fungi grow quickly and settle to the bottom Creating a type of sludge that clogs the filters, feed lines and injectors.

In any case, whether you are driving a PHEV or will be leaving your car parked for an extended period of time, it is a good idea to wear it. This is to get the smallest possible amount of air into the tank. The cost is high now, but it is certainly much less than the damages the driver will have to pay when he needs to start his car again.

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