April 24, 2024

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Australia “freezes” the referendum on democracy

Australia “freezes” the referendum on democracy

The Australian government said it has suspended a proposal to hold a vote to remove King Charles III as head of state, severing the country's ties with the British monarchy.

It is the permanent policy of the Prime Minister Anthony Albanese To hold a referendum to make Australia a democracy, the BBC reported.

However, the minister said on Monday that this vote “Not a priority” and that “there is no timetable”. Instead, he stressed the need to address the cost of living issues that Australians also suffer from. The minister stressed that the ruling Labor Party's plan still aims to separate Australia – over time – from the royal family in the United Kingdom.

But the government said last week that it expected the king to visit “later this year.” Her spokesman said that the Australian Prime Minister's relationship with Charles was warm.

It is reported that Australia voted Against severing ties with the monarchy in a 1999 referendum. Barbados became the world's newest democracy in 2021 after the removal of Elizabeth II as head of state, although she chose to remain in the Commonwealth.

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