May 22, 2024

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Australia: Knife attack by a 16-year-old

Australia: Knife attack by a 16-year-old

A 16-year-old “radicalized” youth was subsequently shot dead by police A man was injured during a knife attack in Western AustraliaThe state chief minister and police announced.

It had previously infected a man in his 30s, and he is now in hospital in serious but stable condition.

State Premier Roger Cook told reporters that the teenager, who was armed with a knife, “attacked” law enforcement officers and was fatally wounded by one of the officers.

He added that according to the first evidence of the investigation, the teenager was radicalized and converted to Islam via the Internet. He acted alone, and did not belong to a group. Cook said that members of the Islamic sect reported his case to the authorities.

The perpetrator called the police and said that he would commit violence, but he did not say when or where.

Three police officers spotted him running through the parking lot brandishing a large kitchen knife. The two tried to stop him using a stun gun, but they did not succeed. When he tried to attack the third man, he shot and killed the young man.

According to authorities, the perpetrator had a history of treatment for his mental condition.

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