May 22, 2024

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Bad advice from EA too with a massive wave of layoffs

Bad advice from EA too with a massive wave of layoffs

She also kept a bad word in reserve Electronic Arts As announced to her A huge wave of layoffsThis was only 24 hours after what happened to her Sony Interactive Entertainment.

According to an announcement by EA CEO Andrew Wilson, the company is embarking on a restructuring plan that includes Reduced its total global workforce by 5%, which equates to approximately 670 layoffs. However, EA's overall strategy is changing, canceling games that were in development and announcing it in a timely manner It will move away from IPs licensed to third parties and focus on its own IPsas battlefield, Sports like EA Sports Club and F1, but also “huge online communities”.

Of course, this does not mean that he will abandon the agreements he concluded with Disney, specifically those Lucasfilm games And Marvel games. Although he canceled it The popular Mandalorian FPS game Respawn's game and the fate of its Star Wars strategy title is unknown, and it has been officially announced that it is in development Star Wars Jedi 3While developing Iron Man And Black Panther Titles.

Many of EA's support teams will be affected by these layoffs, as the company hopes to move them from several canceled projects to other teams with active projects. Among the games whose support will end immediately are F1 Mobile Racing and MLB Tap Sports, two mobile games.

Finally, let us mention that the year 2024 has already been written in black letters in the history of the gaming industry and its development since then. In nearly two months, more than 8,000 workers have been laid off, a number that will reach a total of 10,000 workers in 2023..

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