July 13, 2024

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Baker Mayfield’s latest business talks from Brown, Deshaun Watson deal

Baker Mayfield’s latest business talks from Brown, Deshaun Watson deal

The flurry of quarterback moves has left the Boys with quite a few options in terms of their previous starter. The team is not planning to hold on Baker Mayfield Hoping the injury would change the market, preferring to give it a fresh start right away.

Cleveland hopes to empty Mayfield soon, Notes from Mary Kay Capote from The Regular Cleveland Dealer In an extensive article, but the team should not be expected to receive a large return. In addition to the discounted market, Brown is not interested in paying Mayfield’s fifth-year option salary ($18.9 million) to facilitate trade, Cabot adds. Mayfield Trade Request Shortly before Brown Present their historical presentation to Deshaun Watson.

In spite of Sam Darnold Bringing three draft options—including a second round in 2022—from last year’s Panthers, the Browns have limited options for their steadier starter. Despite Darnold’s disappointing season, so are the Panthers He is not believed to be interested in Mayfield. The sea ​​hawks do still appear on the radar, where Cabot notes that they inquired about a disgruntled QB and may become more open to a trade at a certain price point. Brown doesn’t expect a first-round pick here; They will need to explore another path to reclaim one of the first rounds they lost trading to Watson.

While this saga is not at the stage when Brown is considering releasing Mayfield, Cabot adds that if it does happen, the Steelers will be interested (video) Link). Pittsburgh gave Mitchell Trubesky Two-year contract, but his Barely $7 million in annual salary Leaves the team open to explore other options or draft a bystander early.

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Although the Watson-to-Cleveland fanfare spread after the Combine, Cabot reported that the Browns had told the Mayfield camp in Indianapolis that they would only try to replace him with an elite QB like Watson or Russell Wilson. After Brown informed him that they would aim to accommodate Mayfield in the trade, QB did not list lions, panthers or Texans as desirable locations and instead piqued the interest of the ponies. Andy Mayfield discussed with Cleveland but struck a takeover deal Matt Ryan.

Additionally, Cabot reported that Mayfield’s commercial request did not motivate the Browns to make their brutal offer to Watson, who has now been signed for $230 million. Fully guaranteed contract. did watson Narrow his list to hawks and saints, but his camp is believed to have brought Brown back into the mix. Cleveland’s fully secured proposal appeared in part to convince Watson to play in a city with cold weather.

That process — and subsequent QB decisions from Indy, Atlanta and New Orleans — left Mayfield and few options. Jimmy GaroppoloMayfield’s case further complicates Mayfield’s issue, as does the surgery that Mayfield underwent on his non-shattered shoulder. The coming days can tell how much he really loves the Seahawks Drew Lockas they did indicated at every turn Since acquiring it, or if they are willing to give up a modest capital project for a more experienced option.