April 19, 2024

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Bandai Namco will present not one, not two, but three games!

Bandai Namco will present not one, not two, but three games!

the Bandai Namco He said to distribute some gifts to all his players steam Starting today, you will be able to get not one, not two, but three of the company's games for free.

All three titles are part of a new employee training project that Bandai Namco is participating in with the Japanese company Phoenix. These are three indie games developed by Gyaar Studio and although the same was done in Japan last year, it has been decided to release them globally this year.

The first game is called Notolotwhere you will control a robot and is described as a “hacking action” title.

The second is Doronko Wanko It is also an action game. Its description says: In this game, you control a cute and innocent Pomeranian (poodle) who makes his boss's house messy and dirty.

The third free title is Boomerod Its description states: Boomerroad is an exciting adventure game where players slide down paths they create to progress. The game takes place in ancient ruins located in the sky.

Download Notolot By clicking here.

Look for Doronko Wanko from here.

Make your own Boomeroad by crafting it click here.

For more free games follow Unboxholics.com.

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