June 26, 2024

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Barcelona – Olympiacos 75-77: Break dance in Barcelona (video)

Barcelona – Olympiacos 75-77: Break dance in Barcelona (video)

Olympiacos “danced” against Barcelona in its stadium, defeated them 75-77 and took advantage of its home ground. Apostoli – Barcelona: Con/Nos Melais

Great idea Olympic By many solutions he obtained victory over them in Palau Barcelona with 75-77 He opened the scoring in the qualifying series while taking home advantage into his own hands. His players Giorgos Bartzokas They followed their plan faithfully during a period of pressure from the home team and found great baskets in critical periods which celebrated the victory.

Olympiacos wanted to put pressure on the hosts early on with their excellent defending and on the other hand by “feeding” them. omen. The French midfielder dominated the first minutes of the match, giving the “Red and White” a goal 2-8(5') Although the margin could have been greater had they shot three-point free throws. the Williams Goss He entered the equation, but at the same time some mistakes gave the home team the opportunity to go out and find easy baskets as he did Labrophytula And Parker to 14-15(9').

Three-pointer by him Abrin Developed for the first time Barcelona Before the result (25-23, 12')with Piraeus remaining close to the result thanks to its successive points Petrusev (30-30, 14 minutes). His return walk towards He improved Olympiacos' defensive function by forcing the home side to shoot on the horn at the end of the 24th minute, but he produced mainly terrible creativity. Petrusev became a “man” from Walkup passes, Kanaan connected to the basket and Olympiacos was in +10 (34-44, 19 minutes).

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Given that Barcelona will come out of the locker room determined to turn the situation around, Olympiacos have an experienced roster and the first few minutes went as Barzoukas wanted. The only problem that arose was Lokup's fourth foul after a technical penalty. Otherwise, the difference remained at a similar level (40-51, 24'). Under these conditions of pressure, Olympiacos had the answers with them McKissic And Williams Goss To “hurt” the opponent's defense 47-60(28')But Barcelona finished this quarter in a good way, which was also reflected in the result (54-61, 30').

The home team had struggled all season for home advantage and did not want to lose it inside 40 minutes. For this reason, they increased the pressure on their defense, creating problems in the offensive process of Olympiacos. the Hernangomet With a basket from close range, he participated in the derby match again (58-61, 33'). Bartzukas immediately brought his key players back on the field and they were cleared very quickly as the defense also made mistakes from the home team and the movement in attack improved and he got 4 points McKissic They brought the lead back to 10 points (59-69, 35').

It was his turn Grimaud To calm his players with him Rubio After the time limit expired, he scored 5 quick points Labrophytula Three points for that 67-69(36'). But Olympiacos did not lose because it is a team with a plan and principles. His three-pointer Canaan And his indirect triple pointer Milutinov They offered some peace of mind (67-75, 38'). An errant pass from Walkup brought with it an unsportsmanlike foul, angering the crowd and sending the international goalkeeper to the bench with 5 fouls. Rubio with 2/2 shot reduced to 72-75 (1:03 remaining), but then a mistake from Laprovittola followed.

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Petrusev won by foul but was injured by Lorentzakis Coming off the bench, he showed off his brilliance from the line (72-77, 36 inches to the end). The famous Olympiacos responded to the pressure of the Catalan team, which for some reason did not commit a mistake and thus took the break with 75-77.

Winning because: With the score at 69-67, first Kanaan and then Milutinov established a 6-0 lead that helped Piraeus take the lead again. Then, with the score at 72-75, Laprovittola made a mistake under the amazing defense of the “red and white” and Larentzakis with two shots made it 72-77 with 2/2 shots. A 1/2 shot by Hernangometh reduced it to 4 points but the home team made no mistake and lost.

The best ever: Who should we single out? Great performance by William Goss with 15 points (3/5dp., 2/4tp., 3/4vol.). By Isaiah Canaan with 14 points and 3 assists, as well as Mustapha Fall (11 points, 4 points, 2 assists).

They expected more: Too bad for Yann Vesely who was left with 3 points and was in a lot of discomfort.

Rivals in victory: Petrusev's performance was great in the first three quarters, as he scored 12 points and 5 rebounds. Shaquille McKissic also scored 9 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 steals.

His performance went: Ricky Rubio finished the match with 10 points. 7 assists, 2 steals, and 4 fouls as well.

Match statistics: Barcelona committed 17 errors and Olympiacos committed 19 errors.

Their next duty: The two teams will play again on the same stadium on Friday, April 26.

Quarters: 18-19, 35-44, 54-61, 75-77

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