July 23, 2024

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Barcelona: Xavi took over when no one wanted him to and leaves at the right time

Barcelona: Xavi took over when no one wanted him to and leaves at the right time

Renewal of the new contract, misfortunes and the inevitable end

Last summer, Barcelona moved to… Xavi’s contract renewed until 2026. An expected step after winning the league, as the previous contract would have expired in the summer of 2024. It may be important… but Barcelona’s misfortunes began early.

Xavi saw some of the best players on the roster eliminated one by one. Except for S Pedri For about two months. Same as O Frankie de Jong. Electronic problems too Ter Stegen. Until he came Javi To shock the entire body. The young midfielder suffered a cruciate ligament tear along with the Spanish international, and was ruled out for the rest of the season. “The heart and soul of Barcelona”Xavi said a few hours after announcing the very serious injury suffered by Javi.

Meanwhile, one negative result after another came. But Barcelona's image was the most worrying, as even in the victories, the “Blaugrana” was not convinced. The historic cuff from Villarreal was supposed to seal the end of Xavi's training period at the Blaugrana.

“I will leave Barcelona in June. We have reached the point of no return. It's time for a change. As a Barcelona fan, I think it's time to leave. I spoke with the management today and I will leave on June 30.”Xavi said after the defeat against Villarreal, thus announcing his decision to leave the Barcelona bench at the end of the season.

Xavi made an unavoidable decision. He decided to leave his favorite club Barcelona for the good of the team. He decided to resign at the right time, so as not to “tarnish” his name at the club where he made history.

As did Guardiola at first and Luis Enrique later. But the circumstances for Xavi were completely different. The first two left after conquering everything and presenting the two best versions of the club. Xavi did this after going through the most difficult period in the club's recent history. But the outcome and timing of the decision were similar. He left before they killed him.

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