July 14, 2024

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‘Batman’ crosses $238 million, BTS Concert Movie Sets Records – The Hollywood Reporter

‘Batman’ crosses 8 million, BTS Concert Movie Sets Records – The Hollywood Reporter

Holy Batman.

Robert Patterson‘s Batman He hit goodwill in ticket windowIt topped its second weekend with $66 million from 4,417 theaters with a 10-day domestic total of $238.5 million.

Outside Spider-Man: There is no room for home — which grossed nearly $800 million domestically — that’s truly the best pandemic-era show at the North American box office.

Batman It’s down about 50 percent, which is a relatively small drop for a big event pic. It didn’t hurt that there were no new extensive studio releases over the weekend. Originally, Pixar and Disney were scheduled to open turns red On March 11, but in early January it was announced that the animated film would bypass theaters and go directly to Disney + in those countries that have access to the streaming device.

outside this weekend, turns red It opened in 12 physical markets where Disney+ is not offered. The film made $3.8 million, led by Saudi Arabia.

Batman It topped the chart internationally with another $66.6 million from 76 markets with an external tally of $224.7 million and $463.2 million globally. And that’s without China, which opens later this week. Imax raises huge numbers, or a total of $38.7 million worldwide.

The superhero image, which cost $200 million to produce before marketing, is a huge (and needed) win for Warner Bros. and DC. And the timing is lucky, as is Warner On the edge Having a new owner, Discovery.)

Directed by Matt ReevesAnd the BatmanThe s performance is even more impressive considering that it spans nearly three hours and is on the darker side. PG-13 focuses on Bruce Wayne’s earlier days of fighting crime and features a rogue gallery of Batman’s opponents. Paul Dano plays the Riddlera serial killer pursued by Batman, while Zoe Kravitz plays Catwoman and Colin Farrell appears as Penguin.

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Batman It was well received by critics and earned an A- CinemaScore from audiences, as well as strong PostTrack exit scores.

Sony Unknown It remained high on the chart in its fourth weekend, earning $9.3 million from 3,725 sites for a domestic balance of $113.4 million. It earned another $11.2 million overseas from 64 markets to top $300 and ends Sunday with global revenue of $301.3 million.

Although there are no new releases nationwide, two Korean boy group live events have been shown BTS“Saturday’s concert in Seoul was a huge success. BTS’s permission to dance on stage: SeouIt grossed $6.9 million in North America to become the highest-grossing live movie event of all time, with Trafalgar Releasing booking the concert at 800 theaters.

Globally, the fund has $32.6 million (this number can grow once the final numbers are calculated).

Even the gig movie, whose recording was delayed in the United States and other markets, was a huge success Batman in 55 North American theaters and was clearly No. 2 in the rest of its locations. The best markets included Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, and Salt Lake City.

Live action cinema is on the rise – IMAX is a major player in this field – as exhibitors and distributors look for ways to attract movie-goers. Also, theaters can charge more for such events, with BTS tickets costing up to $35. (The Metropolitan Opera had been broadcasting Saturday shows of some opera houses in cinemas for years in what became a hugely successful programme.)

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EntTelligence reports that the average ticket price for dance permission It was $35.14. Metropolitan Opera live broadcast cost for Ariadne of Naxos It was $25.45.

MGM and United Artists movie feels good dogchampionship Channing TatumIt ranked fourth, dropping just 13 percent to $5.3 million from 3,407 theaters with a total of $47.8 million.

Sony Spider-Man: There is no room for home – Released mid-December – Rounding out the top five with $4.1 million from 2450 to end the weekend with domestic revenue of $792.3 million. It’s virtually guaranteed to eventually become only the third film in history to cross the $800 million threshold domestically Avengers: Endgame ($858.4 million) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($936.7 million).

Spidey has a worldwide net worth of $1.87 billion, the sixth best show of all time, not adjusted for inflation.