May 21, 2024

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Because TV screens were made when we hit them

Because TV screens were made when we hit them

No man caught them TVs, when there were no remote controls, he was not trained to hit the device, when the picture was full. Where “flood”, with today's data it was as if the signal was bleeding, causing “water” to appear in the image.

Parents usually send their children to do their family TV homework, which is to turn off the TV for a bit. When it didn't “come together” a side strike followed. The third step was to check the antenna. However, the image is usually restored before that.

This special knowledge was passed on to subsequent generations, so the first reaction was not to disconnect the device for a few minutes (which is the slogan of the day), but rather a light slap with the palm of the hand.

How did the screen work?

The parts of the old cutting machines were placed in sockets – like pipes. With the blow, they returned to their correct position. In this way, we free the TV from possible corrosion that has accumulated on the component contact points. The expansion and contraction of components—by generating a large amount of heat—causes enough mechanical movement to cause disconnections.

As a result, the strike restored the parts and repositioned the loose connections, but only temporarily. It did not solve the problem which was usually normal wear and tear caused by many years of use (because TVs “lived” for decades).

Newer devices don't respond to the same treatment, because they're more fragile, so a bump can exacerbate the problem.

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If we slap a flat OLED screen, we will likely break the inner glass. They will not be “manufactured” in any way since OLED and LCD displays use organic LEDs or liquid crystals. They don't have many mechanical parts that they “made” by beating.

So it's worth not trying the successful 80s style.