December 6, 2023

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Belgium: in the “shelter” of the Minister of Justice – threats to his life

Belgium: in the “shelter” of the Minister of Justice – threats to his life

An alarm bell has been sounded in Belgium, where Euractiv reports that Minister of Justice From the Country, Vincent Van Quickenborn, in “Shelter” post Threats against his life.

The website also reported, quoting a source in the ministry, that the case had nothing to do with Qatargate.

Belgian media reported that the home of the Federal Minister of Justice in the West Flemish city of Kortrijk is once again under increased surveillance by local and federal police agencies.

kidnapping plans

This also happened at the end of September, when the police reported plans to kidnap the Minister of Justice. Four suspects are currently in detention awaiting trial in connection with the alleged kidnapping plot.

However, a source in the Belgian Ministry of Justice told EURACTIV that due to the situation the minister was transferred to a safe “refuge”.

When asked if he was related to the Qatar scandal that shocked public opinion in Belgium, he answered in the negative.

It is rumored that Threat Level 4 (risk of imminent critical attack) may be announced. However, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office neither confirms nor denies this.

Increase security measures

The security services discussed the issue on Wednesday afternoon at the Crisis Center of the Interior Ministry in Brussels.

A spokesman for the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, Eric van der Sypt, told reporters that “This evening we received new information about the possible threat to the person of Minister Van Quickenborn. We are evaluating this information and will investigate it thoroughly.”

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Of course, we do not take risks, neither with the minister nor with his family. Additional security measures have been agreed. I think it is clear that we can not say to give details. “I can only confirm that there are increased security measures,” Van der Sypt said.