June 25, 2024

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Biden is wrong. Israel's control of Rafah is a matter of 4-6 weeks

Biden is wrong. Israel's control of Rafah is a matter of 4-6 weeks

USA President Joe BidenIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an interview published today in Politico magazine that those who criticized the style of war in Gaza were “wrong.”

“He's wrong,” he said. NetanyahuDenying that he is working against his country's interests.

Biden said last Saturday that he believes that Netanyahu is “doing more harm to Israel than good,” commenting on his style in the war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

A state of 4 to 6 weeks of Israeli control over Rafah

'A case of four to six weeks' From the moment the operation began, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is considering Israeli control over Rafah and says the Israeli army is doing everything it can to prevent civilian deaths. He even emphasized that his policy He enjoys the support of the “vast majority” of his citizens.

Netanyahu said in an interview with Bild newspaper, in response to the criticism directed at Trump: “If the American president believes that I am pursuing a personal policy against the wishes of the Israelis and harming the interests of my country, then he is wrong in both cases.” Joe Biden called him out, saying his actions “do more good than harm” and asking him to “pay more attention to the plight of the Palestinians.”

He added that the Israelis “support the steps we are taking to destroy the remaining Hamas factions because they realize that if we do not do it now, they will.” We will have a repeat of the October 7 massacre That would be bad for both Israelis and Palestinians and for peace in the Middle East,” Netanyahu continued, also rejecting international criticism of plans to attack Rafah. “We are very close to victory. It is a matter of weeks until the fighting phase ends,” he said, referring to between four and six weeks from the start of the offensive. “We have destroyed three-quarters of the Hamas brigades. The Israeli Prime Minister characteristically said that abandoning now would be tantamount to leaving a quarter of ISIS in Mosul, and expressed his belief that Hamas would “resettle and start over” if it is not dismantled. Benjamin Dineyahu also said that the number of civilians killed in Gaza is “far lower” than the number published by the Hamas Health Ministry, which says 31,000 deaths, without distinguishing between Hamas members and civilians. The Israeli army kills at least 13,000 terroristsMr. Netanyahu said and claimed that “the ratio of civilians to terrorists is 1:1,” while calling any civilian death a “tragedy” and reiterating that Israel is “doing everything in its power to prevent this.” In addition, he accused Hamas of responsibility for the deaths of civilians, saying it was “doing everything in its power to expose them to danger.”

In response to a question about the pressure he is facing from Western countries, Benjamin Netanyahu said: “Where was this pressure when a million Muslims were slaughtered or expelled from their homes? Millions in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Where were the demonstrations?”

The Israeli Prime Minister also appeared cautious about a possible new ceasefire and hostage exchange. He said, “In the negotiations, Hamas will not leave anything,” adding, “The terrorists do not want at this time to reach an agreement with Israel.” He added that their strategy is to “increase international pressure on Israel and persuade the international community to prevent Israel from achieving the final defeat of Hamas forces.”

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