July 18, 2024

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Biden will nominate three new central bank officials

Biden will nominate three new central bank officials

President Biden plans to appoint three new Federal Reserve officials as he seeks to remake the central bank at a critical economic juncture, a White House official familiar with the matter said Thursday.

If confirmed, his choices would result in a very different Fed board in the company’s history.

The White House plans to nominate economist Lisa Cook Michigan State University Philip Jefferson, an economist and administrator at Davidson College, a researcher on racial differences and labor markets, to open positions on the central bank’s board of governors. Mrs. Cook and Mr. Jefferson are both black.

A job created to help the country’s largest banks police after the 2008 financial crisis, Mr. Sarah Bloom Ruskin has been appointed vice president of the Central Bank for oversight. Biden would recommend.

Mr. Biden was previously married to Jerome H. Powell was nominated for a second term as chairman of the central bank, and Lale Brinard, the current governor, as deputy chairman of the central bank. If they are confirmed in their positions, there will be four women, one black man and two white men on the seven-member Fed board – a very different group in the central bank’s approximately 108 years of existence.

The administration has promised that the central bank – historically dominated by whites – will look like the public it has served, and key lawmakers have offered to focus on tougher financial controls. The choices seek to provide with those dimensions.

“The topic is about diversity and should be,” said Caleb Nycard, a senior research partner at the Yale Project on Financial Stability studying central banking, explaining that staff selection was a great moment for Mr Fiden. “It’s the biggest opportunity he has ever had to send a message about what he wants the federal government to focus on.”

Mrs. Ruskin, who Served as Governor of the Central Bank During the Obama administration, he had a record of advocating for stronger banking oversight, and some powerful congressional Democrats are likely to create an era of strict rules for the Titans, the preferred global fund.

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If confirmed, Mrs. Ruskin will be responsible for determining the need for new financial regulations, enacting existing rules and conducting large and globally important banks through their annual health checks, commonly known as stress tests.

Former President Donald J. Randall K., who was appointed by Trump and criticized some of the rules imposed on banks after the 2008 financial crisis. Ms. Ruskin will succeed Quarles. As Vice President, Mr. Quarles made several changes to the regulation and oversight, which placed a lesser burden of oversight on the banks. Critics argued weakly Financial rules.

Mr. Quarles’ term as vice president ended in October, and he left the central bank at the end of December.

Ms. Ruskin, a Harvard-trained lawyer who studied economics as a bachelor’s degree at Amherst College, spent time in the private sector. He is a former Deputy Secretary of the Treasury. Where she focused Financial system Internet security, among other issues. She Further He spent many years as the Commissioner of Financial Regulation of Maryland. Mrs. Ruskin is married to Jamie Ruskin, a Democrat from Maryland.

If confirmed, Ms. Ruskin will face a number of stressful issues. The Vice President of Oversight acts as the Central Bank’s chief liaison with banks and markets. Publish digital currency. The Vice President should guide new technologies such as staple coins and cryptocurrencies and evaluate what they mean to banks.

There is the central bank Creating Climate-Risk Scenes The Vice-Chairman of Supervision will be more involved in determining the performance of the banks. And that person has to work with other controllers. Financial Stability Oversight Council – To deal with weaknesses in money market funds and other financial instruments exposed by the epidemic – An interactive group focused on protecting against legitimate financial risks.

Mr. for the Fed. Biden’s other options will enter their jobs at a challenging time, with unemployment declining rapidly and inflation high, but millions of former workers are still losing their jobs.

The central bank is wondering how quickly it will act to remove support from the economy, and all governors will continue to vote on monetary policy, giving new choices the potential to speak out on the matter.

Dr. Cook – the first black woman to sit on the Fed Group – is well known for her work in promoting economic diversity, including the American Economic Community’s summer program. In the field.

He studied at Spellman College and the University of Oxford and received his doctorate in economics from the University of California, Berkeley. He was an economist on the White House Economic Advisers Council under President Barack Obama.

He did not say much publicly about his monetary policy philosophy, although he did speak positively about it. Fed independently from politics. His published work explores various topics: His doctoral dissertation Tsarist and focused on credit markets in post-Soviet Russia, while he saw death and race in some of the most popular jobs. Separation and massacre.

Dr. Cook, Julia Coronado, Founder of Macropolis Perspectives, said in an interview that Julia Coronado, founder of Macropolis Perspectives, is the founder of Macropolis Perspectives. Before the selection is announced. “She’s the only one who can hold herself in that room,” I think.

Mr. Jefferson has worked Research Economist Studied at the Fed Board, and at the University of Virginia and Wasser College. Has written about The Economy of Poverty, And his research explored whether monetary policy, which stimulates investment with low interest rates, helps or hurts less educated workers.

“My findings suggest that opportunities are starting to open up for them as the labor market tightens,” he said in an interview. Minneapolis Fed in 2018.

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He has also openly spoken of his experience as a minority in the economy.

“At graduate school at the University of Virginia, I was the only African American who was in the program full time,” he said in that 2018 interview, noting that it followed him in his professional appointments. “It’s a long, lonely road professionally.”

He also said the economy needs diverse voices.

“We should be sitting around the table,” he said. “I think it’s very important for public policy to hear voices that represent diversity.”

With the list of new candidates, the primary policy-making body in the world economy will be very different in both race and gender.

There Three girls in short In the group in the early 1990s, and Back in 2010S. The central bank has three black board members in its history, all men, none of whom have sat on the board at the same time.

It is not clear how the Redesigned Board can change the current monetary policy debate, which involves sticky choices about how quickly the economy can fight off rapid inflation. The central bank has signaled its readiness to raise interest rates, which could stave off inflation but slow down the job market and wage growth.

The head of the Central Bank, Mr. Powell stressed that achieving full employment this week – a goal that the central bank has been emphasizing in recent years as a way to boost inclusion and opportunity across the economy – depends on maintaining price stability.

“If inflation is so stable, if this high level of inflation persists in our economy and in the minds of the people, it will inevitably lead to a much tighter monetary policy from us, and it will lead to a recession, and it will be worse for the workers,” Mr Powell said. Said while testifying Before lawmakers on Tuesday.