April 24, 2024

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Big changes for sharing games on Steam

Big changes for sharing games on Steam

the valve Just announced to them Steam families, which replaces the platform's Steam Family Sharing and Steam Family View features, while introducing several new additions and changes. The main difference is game sharing, which will no longer be restricted.

Taking things from scratch, Steam users can take shape A “family” of six people. All family members They can play each other's games, while sharing their library. In fact, if someone plays a shared game, It can persist even if the original owner started playing on SteamThis was not present in the previous regime! The only restriction is if the original owner or another member starts playing the same game. That is, if two members want to play a cooperative game, they will have to purchase two copies. If they want to play two different games in the family's shared library at the same time, there are no restrictions.

Of course, each member, even if they don't buy a game themselves, will have their own achievements, will have their own saves, and will have access to the Workshop and all other Steam functions. It is worth noting that all games that previously supported Steam Family Sharing will automatically support the new Steam Families. However, developers will be able to withdraw their creations from the program at any time for any reason.

Finally, it's worth noting that Steam Families is also adding several new tools for parents to control the games kids play, new purchasing options so minors don't accidentally spend money, and much more.

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Steam Families is now available in beta and will arrive soon to all platform users, you can read more By clicking here.