July 22, 2024

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Black hole in the ballot box | newspaper

Black hole in the ballot box |  newspaper

Every day is a miracle. No, I’m not talking about the pre-election scene, where many miracles happen every day and not just one: suddenly there is a lot of money to distribute in some other useless way from allotments; The “Easter Basket” has nothing to do with the envy of Amalthea’s horn, even if it doesn’t contain lamb borscht; In the lists of candidates for parliament, you do not find anyone who inherited “part of the contribution to the state” from a parent or uncle, and also no one who changed party after two or three years from the football coaches of Olympiacos or Panathinaikos basketball.

But here I am talking about the wonders of heaven. What astronomers record with their super telescopes, Webb and Hubble, are so unbearably anti-dogmatic they are excited even though they are forced to revise their assumptions now and then and rewrite the history of the universe. However, a new discovery is sure to bring them back to the beginning of their writing. Well, no planet has yet been identified with intelligent beings interested in conversing with our cosmic insignificance, and none prepared to host those of us who managed to escape before the great collapse of the Earth, which we bring with unrepentant eagerness every day and nearer.

So astronomers at Yale University have recorded an additional phenomenon that has shaken up the cosmogony scenarios: a huge black hole, which is moving away from its galaxy so quickly that it can cover the distance between the Earth and the Moon in 14 minutes. If our scholars were less chauvinistic and more informed about Greek things, they would immediately announce what they are silent about. The paradoxical black hole is shaped like a ballot box, with stars forming behind it as it travels shaped like Greece, as it drifts away from its galaxy, known astrophysically as 21V23.

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In the galaxy from which the black hole Kaloboid escapes, as if not wanting to have anything to do with it, some “rare earths” are discovered, and indeed in abundance, despite their names: serious, real, eloquent, talkative, modest, responsible, self-deprecating . In Earth’s 44-day time, the black hole will have been freed from all this pesky remnant of the Greek universe’s creation.

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