May 28, 2024

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Blizzard Updates: South, Northeast Brace for Winter Storm

Governors in the south have declared a state of emergency and temperatures in the northeast have dropped below zero as a strong winter storm is expected to bring snow and ice.

More than a quarter of an inch of snow is expected in the Piedmont region of North and South Carolina on Saturday night. The storm system is expected to bring more than a foot of snow across Appalachians and upstate New York and south and central Vermont starting Sunday.

Snowfall was also forecast for parts of the lower Mississippi and Tennessee valleys. According to the National Weather Service Forecast Center, The next phase of a major storm system This brought more than 12 inches of snow to parts of Iowa And North Dakota.

Ben Kelber, a meteorologist at WCMH-TV in Columbus, Ohio, said up to a foot of snow is expected in the mountains of Tennessee and eastern Kentucky, as well as North Carolina, West Virginia, eastern Ohio and western New York.

“It will be 100 miles wide with six to 12 inches of snow,” he said Saturday. “More people will be affected by this storm than any winter storm we have had this season.”

Snow is expected to be heavy in the western parts of the Interstate 95 corridor, Mr. Kelber said. The cities of Boston, Philadelphia and New York are expected to receive one to four inches of snow before it turns into heavy rain from Sunday night to Monday, he said.

Winter mixing can deepen supply-chain problems in affected areas.

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“This will be a major setback for companies trying to move products across the country for several days due to the size of the storm,” Jonathan Porter, chief meteorologist at AccuWeather, located at State College, said Friday.

On Friday, Virginia Governor Ralph S. Northam, Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp and Governor of North Carolina Roy Cooper all declared a state of emergency.

“This upcoming weather system will include additional fallen trees, high power outages and significant impacts on travel conditions,” he said. North said in his announcement. Virginia traffic officials were in custody when the storm struck earlier this month Hundreds of drivers were trapped.

The storm is expected to reach 70 miles per hour along the coast. North warned.

The Virginia Department of Transportation took no chances, and on Thursday its crew began spraying parts of I-95 with a solution of salt and brine, which prevented the ice from sticking to the roads.

Elsewhere in the south, meteorologists said northeastern Georgia and the Carolinas could withstand heavy snowfall from Saturday night through Sunday.

“Although much has been said about snow, we are also raising the warning of a blizzard that will occur across the Carolinas,” he said. Porter said. “It looks like a recipe for extended power outages and damage to trees in those areas.”

Saturday’s temperature dropped below zero Across New England And New York areas.

At Saranac Lake in NY, NY, temperatures were expected to drop below zero on Saturday morning, dropping to minus 20 degrees Celsius at night, and minus 31 degrees Celsius. That kind of cold is not uncommon in the region, Clyde said. Rapido is the mayor of Saranac Lake, a city of approximately 5,400 people in Athrondax.

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It is expected to snow up to a foot in the region from Sunday – a welcome news for residents and ice fishermen who have seen the accumulation of snow in recent years and the rise in winter temperatures, Mr. Rapido said.

“We’ve been down 30 a week; now it’s 20 a week down,” he said. “It’s getting hot here.

Some parts of Carolina, including Charlotte and Greensboro in North Carolina, were expected to see “extremely damaging ice.” According to the National Weather Forecast Center.

“This can result in dangerous travel, power outages and tree damage,” the center said.

Southwest Airlines has warned Passenger flights passing through airports across the South may be delayed, diverted or canceled. American Airlines And Delta Issued weather-related announcements.

Nashville Four to five inches of snow was expected Beginning Saturday, meteorologists said there will be more snow in the north of the city during the winter, which is already snowing.

“There may be more snow in Nashville this winter than in both Milwaukee and Chicago,” he said. Porter said. “It’s very interesting.”