June 21, 2024

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Bob Sockett’s widow Kelly Risso laments him in an interview: ‘He is so loving and so wonderful’

He said “today” that the comic was very happy to be back on the road and was forced to make people laugh considering the current state of the world.

Rizo shared that their final relationship was full of love. “I think I said ‘I love you dearly’, he said ‘I love you endlessly’ and then I ‘can’t wait to see you tomorrow,” she said. “It’s all love.”

Risso echoed it on “Good Morning America,” when he last spoke on the phone with Chase, “he was on his way home or back to the hotel, and he told me what a wonderful show he was, and how amazing it was.”

“He was happy and loved what he did,” he said. “He was very happy to bring people laughter.”

Saket met Rizo, a food and travel blogger, via Instagram six years ago, and the two shared a deep and lasting love. She and Coat burst into tears when Rizo talked about how her husband would rush whenever he went on the road.

He goes to bed at 2am and wakes up at 4am so he can be on the 6am flight to get to his house, Riso said.

“He valued every second we were together,” she struggled with tears. “That’s why it’s so heartbreaking.”

Following his death, everyone, including fans, gathered around Rizo. “It was an overwhelming expression of incredible love and support not only from everyone who loved Pope, but also from his friends and family,” he said. “Now I don’t know how to get past this.”

Risso shared memories of who her husband was – a common theme of how incredibly loving she was to everyone she met.

Socket was as wonderful as he appeared, and tried to make a special impression on everyone, with Rizo saying with his consistent message “Treat everyone with kindness”.

Sockett was “the best man I have ever known in my life,” he said. “He was so loving and so wonderful, everyone in his life knew this,” Rizo said. “Even anyone who meets him casually would say, ‘Wow, this is a special guy.’

RIzzo is now focused on continuing his tradition His work with the Scleroderma Research Foundation.

Saget’s sister, K, died of a rare autoimmune disease and, according to SRF estimates, she has volunteered for the organization for more than 30 years, raising more than $ 26 million to find a cure.

“He had three life works,” Risso said. “It’s his children, comedy and then SRF. He worked tirelessly for more than 30 years trying to find a cure for scleroderma, so I can do anything to help continue that tradition and help SRF. It means so much to him.”

Risso told Holmes that she was in good health before her husband’s death, and that she had Kovit in December “nothing serious”.

Inquiry into The cause of his death Is going on.