May 28, 2024

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Bolivian farmers will benefit from the bio-input plant

Bolivian farmers will benefit from the bio-input plant

“The BioInPuts plant will meet the demands of more than 480 fruit, vegetable and vegetable growers from the Santa Cruz Valley, and will allow it to expand its agricultural frontier,” said Fatima Pacheco, general manager of the Public Development Service. Manufacturing companies of Bolivia (Sedem).

The mayor of Pacheco and Pampagrande, Joel Ontiveros, signed a contract worth 65 million Bolivianos (approximately nine million dollars), which supports the operation of the plant by the Strategic Manufacturing Company of Fertilizers and Fertilizers (EEPAF).

The SEDEM representative recalled that by Supreme Order 4659 of January 12, 2022, the Manufacturing Development Bank has been authorized to grant this credit.

He said the Pompeii mayor’s office would provide 10 hectares of land in accordance with the agreement reached between these companies.

Construction of the factory will begin in April 2022 and be completed in 2023.

Javier Tejerina, technical director of EEPAF, said the new industry would produce 145 tonnes of acorides, pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers annually.

He explained that these products contain an average of 40 thousand liters of liquid fertilizer and 150 tons of organic fertilizer.

Sources point out that the plant will provide Bolivian experts in the field of biology and will be the hub for the development of new useful products for agriculture in the national territory.

They said bio-inputs in agriculture are an alternative to the use of chemicals to control pests and diseases and also form a healthy means of agricultural production and food production.

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Mayor Ondiviros thanked the government of President Louis Ars for “taking the first steps” to implement this new campus, which will greatly benefit the valleys of Santa Cruz, which excels in food production.

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