June 19, 2024

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Bruges – PAOK: “Bad damage in the historic center of the Belgian city and reports on social media”

Bruges – PAOK: “Bad damage in the historic center of the Belgian city and reports on social media”

Belgian citizens expressed their dissatisfaction with the image of the city of Bruges, after the presence of PAOK fans in its historic center.

PAOK friends turned the city of Bruges into… Tomba and left their mark!

The two-headed world made a resounding “presence” in Belgium with the intention of watching Close-up of the effort of Razvan Lucescu's players.

Several hours before kick-off, hundreds of the team's fans gathered in the city center with the aim of starting their march together towards “Jan Breidel”. As expected,…there was bad chaos, with PAOK's friends drinking, singing and creating an “explosive” atmosphere.

One of PAOK's fans, who were in Belgium to play the Brugge match, described what he went through before the match, saying that the city police treated them like animals.

But, as it turns out, the image they left behind did not please the Belgians, who posted photos of the historic city center on social media. As they exited the historic center of Bruges, Greek fans left behind a rubbish dump, placed posters in various places, and covered the walls with graffiti.

On the occasion of all of the above, a Belgian citizen and Twitter user posted the relevant photos and wrote distinctively: “This is what the beautiful historic center of our city looks like after the visit of PAOK fans, who enjoyed our hospitality. True ambassadors of their club. Many thanks to our public servants who started cleaning up this mess early this morning. You are the best!”

These images add to the more dangerous “explosive” climate that culminated in the reckless use of force by the city’s police authorities, events that took on justifiably large proportions.

As for the competitive part of this first “battle” between Brugge and PAOK against the backdrop of the semi-finals of the Conference League, the Thessaloniki team was defeated but did not lose (1-0).

It was Vettelsen's excellent form that decided the match and now qualification to position 4 of the competition will be decided in the return match in Tomba, It is scheduled for next Thursday (18/4, at 22:00).

Tyson's invitation to the world of PAOK before the rematch with Brugge

In the context of the rematch between the two teams, Tyson published a blog post on social media, in which he called on the world of the northern biceps muscle to support Tomba against Brugge.

“I hope to see you all Thursday night at our house, Tomba!” The Brazilian specifically mentioned attacking midfielders in his online message. As expected, the team's “magic cards” friends will disappear and the stadium will be filled.