April 19, 2024

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Bypass the radio in the car – what technology replaces it?

Bypass the radio in the car – what technology replaces it?

Even radio reception is going through a transition in the four-wheeled world with new technology replacing the analog signal.

The radio has been an essential component of the daily coexistence between a driver and his vehicle since it was first installed on a four-wheeled automobile, about a century ago.

Of course, in all these decades, there have been many and great developments in the radio device itself, which has led to it becoming much smaller, and radically “stronger” in terms of signal reception, but It became so affordable that it was standard equipment in most cars for decades.

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There is another development already happening in radio, which fortunately will not only “kill” it, but will contribute to its continued trajectory and the digital four-wheel revolution.

In most of the Western world, the end of the analog radio signal is coming and the stick is taking over Its digital form is called DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting).

The new radio era has already begun, as the European Union has included in the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC) from the end of 2020 a directive that all cars as well as household appliances sold from 2020 in Europe must have the ability to receive and play a DAB signal. .

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In general, it is a new way of transmitting a radio signal, for exampleSometimes it “snows” and FM interferencealthough the sound quality of the latter is quite satisfactory.

Naturally, DAB radio provides a better listening experience for passengers, while providing the ability to play animations, text and graphics in the same bandwidth.

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As mentioned earlier, the latest technology cars include DAB radio. But not old cars either, Which requires the installation of a special device.

Finally, it's worth it Note that although DAB radio is widespread in many countries around the world, it is not very popular in Greece, with drivers entertained via FM. However, something is expected to change in the near future, as digital signal becomes dominant.

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