April 18, 2024

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Cargas Went to PAOK B ‘Because He Didn’t Work Responsibly’

Cargas Went to PAOK B ‘Because He Didn’t Work Responsibly’

In his statements to NOVA, Razvan Lucescu referred to his decision to send Karga to PAOK B’, while stressing that what Dikefalos needed to return to good results was a “clear mind”.

PAOK WELCOMES ARIS SUNDAY (4/30) (20:00, Novasports Prime And Live from SPORT24) in Tumba in the seventh qualifying round Stoiximan Super League‘, with Razvan Lucescu standing by his remarks to NOVA regarding Kargas’ decision to go to PAOK B’.

At the same time, the Romanian coach stressed that his team needs a “clear mind” in order to return to good results.

Detailing what he told NOVA:

He said at the beginning of his remarks: “Before I start, I want to say something about Cargas’ decision to go with the second team, because there was a lot of talking, a lot of discussion, a lot of question marks, and to be clear: it’s something people don’t know, last week in particular on Monday, and before The match against AEK We had a chat in the locker room, we want to clarify a few things.

I asked the players one thing: now that we are in the final stage both in the playoffs and in the season with the cup final, we all have to be careful and responsible and everyone has to take their responsibilities. In fact, I told them that anyone who does something malicious and is detrimental to the team will be in PAOK B’.

This is what happened with Giannis Kargas. As a coach, I am forced to make decisions that are unpopular and many may not find agreement with you. For this reason and until he apologizes, he will train with PAOK B’.

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But I also want to say something else: Giannis Kargas is an amazing person, a player who has shown absolute seriousness all season and no one can dispute that. So the reason he’s there now is because he didn’t act responsibly and that cost the team.”

When asked what PAOK needs now to overcome negative results, he said: Clarity of mind. Clarity of mind. I confirm it again. Clarity of mind. To bring back the confidence we lost this season and we lost after the home defeat against AEK.

We couldn’t handle the pressure of the opportunity we had before that game to get closer to the top two and why not claim the title. It cost us that match in that mini-race. So let’s go back, release the tension and get back to where we were before the second leg against AEK.”

For the Mars game: “A match is a match where you have to give everything. When a team gives everything, it wins games and we have proven that. I want to see spirit and motivation. If we put that into the game, the result will come. When we stopped playing with intensity, then there were problems in our games.” We caused it.”