April 13, 2024

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Chalkida: Anonymous phone calls behind the murder of the 43-year-old – “Pay attention to your wife” – Newsbomb – News

Chalkida: Anonymous phone calls behind the murder of the 43-year-old – “Pay attention to your wife” – Newsbomb – News

A new dimension in the murder of the 43-year-old carpenter by a 39-year-old woman in copper.

the Anonymous phone calls Her husband revealed that this caused a rift in his relationship with his wife 39 years old Who killed him 43 years old Carpenter on the 20ththe January, in copper.

Newspaper Real news His testimony was presented wife Ha the criminal to investigatorIn which he described in detail the “waters” that his relationship with his wife and the victim had gone through in recent years.

“Be careful of your wife and who you let into your home.”

the Husband Ha 39 years old The victims knew each other because they were from the same village. They started hanging out in 2004 and became friends. In 2011, the husband was upset when he received two calls from an unknown number. “In the First phone call He was telling me to be careful about my wife and who I let into my house. My mind immediately went to Sakis, as he was entering my house.

In the Another phone callAfter a week they told me to be careful what happens to my wife and Sakis. I got really upset and told her, but she wouldn't admit that something was going on between them and that it might have been a malicious phone call. “Where there's smoke, there's fire,” I told her. This story has interested us for about a year. Our relationship broke down, and from time to time, we would sleep separately too,” the 40-year-old said.

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“You go to his wedding and dance while he sleeps with your wife.”

the Walnut from He overcame the crisis in his relationship, as there were no signs of infidelity. But the 40-year-old stopped being a close friend of the carpenter. However, the victim invited them to the wedding in July 2021 and they went.

After a few days WeddingThe husband's phone rang again with a hidden number, and he heard a man's voice telling him: “You go to his wedding and dance while he sleeps with your wife.”

the He is 40 years old He again began questioning his wife about her relationship with the carpenter. She told him that something had happened in their house a few days before their wedding, without giving more details and asked to go to her spirituality for confession and also to visit a neurologist and a psychiatrist.

A few months later she revealed to him that in 2008, shortly before their wedding, Mr The carpenter He had gone to their house to do his homework. The 43-year-old flirted with her, they had a drink and ended up in bed, but she claims she was dizzy and under the influence of alcohol and didn't realize who the man next to her was.

“I was asking her why she didn't tell me in 2011, when we had our first unknowns Telephone callsBut she told me she's hiding it because she's afraid it will ruin our marriage and that I won't believe her about the way it happened. Now our relationships are like Scottish showers: one day we're fine, the next we might be verbally fighting. I asked Sakis what happened to my wife and he replied that nothing happened. I asked him not to approach us again and all communications between us were cut off.”

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