April 18, 2024

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Cheap electricity is coming – up to 30% reduction in tariffs compared to last year – Newsbomb – News

Cheap electricity is coming – up to 30% reduction in tariffs compared to last year – Newsbomb – News

It is expected cheaper Electricity Bills to Captivity And BusinessMore than 30% during the following period, reaching levels before the support granted by the state, according to a report by alpha.

on 6 million families She chose him Green bill To electrify their homes, while the yellow color has mainly attracted the attention of professionals.

The significant decline in European natural gas prices (ttf) Which has now reached 22 – 23 euros per MWh (from 250 euros in August 2022), in addition to the “fall” in the average wholesale price of electricity to less than 74 euros in February (it fell to 61.80 euros due to the contribution of renewables). ), but also First imports liquefied natural gas in Europe They “prepare” the ground so that prices will be cheaper for next month even before the energy crisis “breaks out.”

Factors leading to lower electricity prices

The main reason for low prices is De-escalation Ha International price to natural gas Less than 30 euros per megawatt hour, while the price during the corresponding period last year was about 50 euros.

This decline, in turn, is due to ensuring adequate supplies despite the war in Ukraine, with the availability of LNG shipments in Europe, as well as lower consumption due to favorable weather conditions.

The institutional initiative of the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy has played an important role in the Greek market age to Special “green” tariff This made it easier for consumers to compare suppliers' offers and “incentivized” competition.

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