July 22, 2024

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Children who play video games have increased brain activity

Children who play video games have increased brain activity

Children’s participation in video games is a topic of interest to many parents and now new research is coming to show once again how beneficial it is for their brains. Previous research has linked them to depression and aggressive behaviour, but this particular person decided to photograph their brain activity.

Scientists studied brain images of 2,000 children aged 9 to 10, then divided them into two groups: those who had never played video games and those who played three hours a day or more. This particular length was chosen on purpose because it exceeds the two-hour limit recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Then there were two exercises. The first asks the kids to follow the left and right arrows and press left or right as fast as they can. They were also asked not to press anything if they saw a stop sign to see how well they could control their impulse.

In the second exercise, they saw people’s faces and had to match the pictures later to test their memory.

Scientists excluded factors such as IQ, mental health symptoms, and household income using statistical methods. They found that in each case, the players performed better in both exercises, with MRIs showing greater activity in areas of the brain associated with attention and memory.

The results raise the intriguing possibility that video games provide a cognitive learning experience with measurable neurocognitive outcomes. At the moment, it is impossible to determine whether better cognitive performance leads to more games or is the result.

The team hopes to have a clearer answer as the research continues with age. Future studies will also examine the types of toys that benefit children the most. But the scientists explained thatExcessive screen use harms mental health and physical activity“.

However, the results show that video games are a much better use of screen time than watching YouTube videos, for example, which have no clear cognitive effect.

The search was published in gamma network.

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