May 21, 2024

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Construction of the largest underwater tunnel in Europe has begun – where is it located?

Construction of the largest underwater tunnel in Europe has begun – where is it located?

Once completed, the undersea tunnel in Italy will be the largest diameter tunnel on the Old Continent.

Beginning work To build one project to rise 1 billion euros Which relates to someone Underwater tunnel Which will pass under Port of GenoaProviding a new connection between the eastern and western sides of the city.

the 3.4 km long The location of the tunnel will be determined 45 m below sea level It will essentially constitute the first large underwater tunnel in Italy, but it will also constitute the tunnel that includes… Larger diameter (16 m) in EuropeAccording to what was reported by international newspapers.

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In particular, it will be built Two tunnels (one for each traffic stream), which they will have The speed limit is 70 km/h And when it is finished Third quarter of 2029It is expected to significantly reduce traffic congestion in the city. At the same time, 800 meters of connected roads will be constructed at each end of the tunnel.

The initial budget for the project was 700 million eurosbut it increased to one billion due to – among other things – the increase in the cost of materials.

It is noteworthy that some of them will be completed during 2023 Initial worksBut the first big step was taken a few days ago by demolishing it CSM RepositoryWhich represents the main center for the assembly and distribution of imported and exported goods in the port of Genoa.

Underwater tunnel

Renzo Piano, who designed the double tunnel, had proposed its construction The first time in 1992As part of a plan Redevelopment of the coastal area For the historical city. However, the project took more than 30 years to work on.

In fact, the tunnel project was born as a plan civil renewal, But also restructuring transportation with the aim of contributing to strengthening the urban network of green spaces. Public parks will be created, in addition to pedestrian and bicycle paths, which are expected to significantly improve the quality of life of citizens.

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