June 21, 2024

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Corfu: Over 4,000 people at Vasilis’ concert – Papa Spyros gave him a launcher (photographed video)) – Corfu today – Corfu news

Corfu: Over 4,000 people at Vasilis’ concert – Papa Spyros gave him a launcher (photographed video)) – Corfu today – Corfu news

The great Greek rock wolf, the man who has been writing history for half a century, Vassilis Papaconstantinou, was deified on Sunday evening in the salts of Lefkimi, in the comprehensive and meticulous organization of the Union of Musical Arts in Lefkimi.

About 4,000 spectators attended the grand concert, which was set to be one of the best, if not the best, event and concert this summer.
Vassilis Papakonstantino, 73 and celebrating 50 years in the Greek music scene, filled the venue to the brim and despite the fact that he came on stage at around 10:15 p.m., the crowd was still pouring in early in the evening. 7:30 p.m. at the doors.

Vasilis Papaconstantinou was deified by the audience, and the resounding words “Santa, we live to hear you,” “Santa, you are perfect and wonderful…” “Santa, come because we are going crazy” were again heard from everyone’s mouths…

The audience can see people from little ones in strollers to old people because Vasilis unites generations!

Unfailingly, something impressive for dozens of years he was on stage, irredeemably romantic, left-handed, with a sense of humor that gave his mark and power to the world, on whatever level he needed it.

before the ceremony begins mr Papa Spyrosa little older than Vasilis, meet him, as mentioned in @kerkyrasimeraAnd he gave him a slingshot! Papa Spyros is first in everything! A first at Lefkimmiote races, a first at a rock concert too!

Of course, there were dozens of songs that were not heard, but how does this happen? Two lives are not enough to listen to Vasilis and one to understand him!

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Last night’s concert was a gift to everyone who’s been down south, but also to those who haven’t and experienced it through @kerkyrasimera’s live stream.
His collaborators, like Patrakis who has been with him since 1821 or 1721, I’m not sure, always at his side, maybe more valuable to him than his voice!
The concert was opened by the excellent “Scenario Musical Ensemble”, who aptly took the side of Vasilis and who “loved” the audience before entering the eternal teenager



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