June 23, 2024

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Couple with the famous actor Eugenia Samara (photo)

Couple with the famous actor Eugenia Samara (photo)

The two have been together for seven months and are very much in love, while they were recently in Spetses for two days!

A few days ago, Odyssias Papaliopoulos and Eugenia Samara spent two romantic days in Spetses.

The two have been together for the past seven months and are very much in love. In fact, they don't hide it, they just try to be discreet, which is why little has been written about their relationship so far.

Their love began last year, when they played together in Molière's play “Misanthrope,” and as those in the know say: “It was love at first sight, love at first sight.”

source: Downtown Magazine

Konstantinos Vassalos is a mighty eagle – he “falls” in front of Eugenia Samaras in her show! (video)

Konstantinos Vassalos was found on the ERT game show “Switch” hosted by Eugenia Samaras, who tried in every way to get as far as possible, but to no avail.

Although fortune favored him somewhat, he did not answer his last question correctly as Eugenia Samara bid him farewell.

However, there was also a small discussion between them where Konstantinos Vassalos emphasized that he could lose in the match but win elsewhere.

Eugenia Samaras: “You're too tall and I won't be seen.”

Konstantinos Vassalos: “Shut up, my height is 1.82”. Eugenia Samaras: “He's showing up! We don't understand each other. Don't leave, someone is going to the final and we will support him.” Konstantinos Vassalos: “It doesn't matter, I'll win somewhere else!”

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