July 22, 2024

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Crime in Alexandroupoli: “I killed her because she was going to put me in a lunatic asylum”

Crime in Alexandroupoli: “I killed her because she was going to put me in a lunatic asylum”

He is still hospitalized at the Alexandroupoli University General Hospital, the old man who killed his 73-year-old wife a few days ago made a statement.

According to his information Evros-news.gr, from the moment doctors agreed to take a confession from the killer of the elderly husband, the police officers of Alexandroupolis Security, who carried out the clarification of the case, met him to give explanations for the heinous crime. As he told them, yesterday morning at their home, they again argued about the medication he had taken on the prescription of a private psychiatrist, who actually visited his home on Plotinopoulos Street to monitor his progress. The 81-year-old killer did not want to take medicine and during a fierce fight, he took a knife from the kitchen with his wife and killed her. He then went to the balcony and shouted that he had murdered her.

“She wanted to put me in an insane asylum, I was confused, that’s why I killed her. She asked me to check with a psychiatrist a few days ago, together with my daughter, and then they brought me a pill,” said Nikos, the medical examiner, the old man who cut his wife with 12 knives. said Gifnitis, who was from Nea Vyssa Orestiada and an 81-year-old economic immigrant, who returned with his wife 15 days ago to remind you of the violation of N 3005/06 .He was arrested for fighting with his little grandson, but he was released on verbal orders from the prosecutor.

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Then his wife and daughter requested his psychiatric examination from the Alexandroupolis prosecutor’s office through the service officer of AT Alexandroupoli. But the lawyer decided that it was not right to send him for a mental examination.